‘A right kick in the gut’: Dwayne Johnson, his partner and two young teens take a look at sure for COVID-19

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Printed 11: 22 PM EDT Sep 2, 2020

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram on Wednesday for a candid announcement: He, his partner and two young daughters all tested sure for COVID-19.

“My partner Lauren, as neatly as my two exiguous one ladies and myself – we hang all tested sure for COVID-19,” the actor shared in a video. “I will yelp you that this has been one of basically the most not easy and difficult issues that we hang ever needed to endure as a family and for me in my notion. … And I’ve long gone by some doozies in the previous.”

Johnson, 48, added that he wishes it used to be only him who contracted the virus.

“My most main priority is to constantly protect my family, protect my teens, my family,” he acknowledged. “So this used to be an true kick in the gut.”

The action giant title assured followers that he and his family are “on the other cease” of the virus and no longer contagious.

“We bought by COVID-19 stronger and extra healthy,” he acknowledged, adding that he has end buddies who hang misplaced of us and family to the virus.

According to Johnson, his youngest daughters Jasmine, 4, and Tiana Gia, 2, every had a exiguous sore throat however “bounced help.” He and his partner Lauren Hashian, alternatively, had a “rough lag” with the virus, which he says they caught from end family buddies.

The actor provided guidelines for his followers, must they contract the virus: He recommends having guests undergo a COVID-19 take a look at earlier than visiting your personal home, staying committed to health and wellness to eradicate your immune system, and wearing a cowl.

“It has nothing to realize with politics: Keep to your cowl,” Johnson acknowledged. “I’m sending you guys so unprecedented love and so unprecedented mana, and close healthy, my buddies. And thanks for the entire love and increase.”

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Johnson and Hashian married in 2019 and portion daughters Jasmine and Tiana. The actor shares one other daughter, Simone, 19, along with his ex-partner Dany Garcia, whom he used to be married to from 1997 to 2008.

Johnson isn’t very the single giant title to contract the coronavirus. Diversified actors who hang battled COVID-19 encompass Tom Hanks, Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston and Alyssa Milano.

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