Bo Burnham’s ‘White Lady’s Instagram’ from his Netflix special ‘Inside of’

Bo Burnham’s ‘White Lady’s Instagram’ from his Netflix special ‘Inside of’


Here is Bo Burnham’s White Lady Instagram tune from his Netflix special Inside of. I already posted Bo Burnham’s Welcome to the Internet video, nonetheless he’s a one man grunt material machine and I’m succesful of now not support nonetheless make stronger the man. I truly feel bask in come what would possibly I will correct be posting your total Netflix special in items because it’s uploaded to YouTube and I 100% manufacture now not possess any arena with that. All any other time, Bo did all the pieces you ogle in this video by himself, alone, whereas in lockdown all the draw thru the pandemic. Which implies writing the tune, performing the tune, filming himself, editing the video, and actually all the pieces else besides lay down the infrastructure for the Internet that you are utilizing to ogle it.

Maintain going for the video after which ogle his special on Netflix. All any other time, this is now not a paid sponsorship, it’s correct truly, truly, truly correct sort. Even despite the incontrovertible truth that if you are now not into the 2 videos I’ve posted it’s doubtlessly now not for you.

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