EWS podcast episode 145: the single DLC particular

EWS podcast episode 145: the single DLC particular

Replacement title: the single Toby Carvery particular

This week the Electronic Wireless Existing podcast is all about DLCs and expansions. We even temporarily flirt with proper journalism by discussing a couple of of the controversy associated with expansions and DLC and the Oblivion Horse Armour incident. There’s, on the opposite hand, a long atomize in the heart of discussing DLC where we discuss Toby Carveries. Oh, construct no longer anxiety whenever you occur to construct no longer know what that is: we point to.

We also discuss Pirates Of The Caribbean, gravy and Toby Jugs, despite the proven truth that sadly Matthew doesn’t procure any unusual treats to debate this week. But there is an ravishing Cavern Of Lies hosted by friend of the indicate Sir Anthony Hopkins. Plus: construct you treasure organ chat? As a result of you would possibly want to perchance be in the issue region!

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Tune is by Jack de Quidt, who’s price each and every penny.

Whenever you occur to cherished this week’s Cavern Of Lies, why no longer indicate your strengthen with an dependable COV t-shirt? It would safe Sir Anthony very gratified, presumably.


Matthew has named himself after the Oblivion Horse Amour.

Mass Lift out 3 courted gamer anger with the day one DLC personality Javik, but charmed us all with the Castle DLC.

Dragon Age Inquisition has some amazing DLC, including Trespasser, which is truly the pause of the game.

Matthew is a mountainous fan of the DLC for Baldur’s Gate, to boot to The Witcher 3 (the horny ghost makes a triumphant return to the podcast).

Nate’s favourites contain Age Of Empires 2, which is getting unusual DLCs even now, the phenomenal Yuri’s Revenge addition to Repeat & Overcome, and the Battle Of The Chosen growth to XCOM 2.

I also cite The Sims 4, a sport made nearly fully of DLC, and we construct manage to safe in some chat about Sea Of Thieves A Pirate’s Lifestyles, the Pirates Of The Caribbean-themed growth that is kicking off season 3.

Richard Madeley is correct Alan Partridge.

Suggestions this week are to, over again, rewatch The Sopranos, to originate looking out on the unusual Disney/Wonder TV indicate Loki, and to glimpse into getting your milk from The In model Milkman.

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