Five myths of DevOps within the enterprise

Five myths of DevOps within the enterprise

Whereas we would all be accustomed to the length of time, what has change into abundantly sure is that what we name ‘DevOps’ can differ vastly


  • Kai Hilton-Jones

Revealed: 04 Dec 2020

DevOps leaves loads of room for interpretation. The overwhelming majority of organisations I reach upon agree that DevOps is a bunch apart of cultural guardrails and practices that automate and integrate processes so that groups can scheme, test and ship application sooner and more reliably. This isn’t wrong, nonetheless it no doubt doesn’t paint a elephantine image either. 

What is lacking is the very coronary heart of DevOps – the significant human part between application pattern and the operations groups, and the role collaboration performs in bridging the gap so that groups can ship higher application, sooner. 

Yes, it’s about increasing application quality and balance, shortening lead times and automating the formula. But more importantly, DevOps is set enabling individuals to collaborate across roles to bring rate to discontinuance-customers.

Whereas you develop that ideological shift, it is less complicated to buy stock of what DevOps the truth is is – and begin as a lot as bust these myths that most regularly succor enterprises serve from harnessing DevOps’ acceptable capacity. 

1. There is a single, ‘unbiased appropriate’ reach to manufacture DevOps

Unfounded. Each organisation has fully assorted desires, constraints and targets. A uniform reach can defeat the object. The instruments and processes that worked in one company are no longer assured to bear the identical affect in one more.

There are frequent practices and principles for successful DevOps, nonetheless these must be guides as a replace of the pre-ordained answer. Enterprises have to belief their gut, and focusing on the human part of DevOps is a definite-fire reach to give your self a head begin. 

2. Procuring DevOps instruments = doing DevOps

Investing within the top instruments is an necessary step, nonetheless that doesn’t rapid-song enterprises to success. Tooling and automation are how you put in force DevOps, no longer DevOps itself. Deciding on the top instruments is fundamental, nonetheless every organisation desires a innovative DevOps culture in web online page before every thing.

Whereas you happen to lose gape of your collaborative draw and are blinded by the instruments you’ve gotten to salvage DevOps executed, you’re no longer set apart up for success.

3. DevOps is the identical as agile pattern

Here’s a frequent delusion, nonetheless the 2 shouldn’t be perplexed. Processes a lot like agile, lean, rude programming and other “work rapid, ship in general” units are an necessary segment of DevOps, nonetheless fabricate no longer account for what DevOps is.

Agile could serve enterprises ship application sooner, nonetheless it no doubt doesn’t bear the energy to salvage groups to collaborate within the application lifecycle. On my own, it can well well overwhelm groups, especially within the occasion that they are siloed. 

4. DevOps and safety groups can exist individually

OK, definite, they’ll – nonetheless they positively shouldn’t. Security desires to be as extraordinary a shared responsibility as shipping.

DevOps groups bear found strategies to flee up application shipping by scheme of automation, collaboration and containers, nonetheless disjointed safety processes silent sluggish them down. Too in general, code is merely handed to a security team for checking sooner than it ships, with predictably wretched results.

As a replace, DevSecOps brings IT safety into DevOps groups to develop definite that safety is prioritised at every step of the pattern lifecycle. Infusing safety into the formula scheme shipping higher, more receive application with fewer delays.

5. DevOps is simplest about increasing application quality and balance

In organisations the set apart the underside line pervades every process, it is easy to push apart DevOps as merely the reach groups pork up the quality of application. In most cases the scheme in which turns into the discontinuance. But by automating workflows, individuals can point of interest more on the duty at hand, bettering culture and reducing burnout.

It’s no longer acceptable about shipping application rapid, it’s about increasing rate to your whole organisation and the customers of application. Making this refined tweak in an organisation’s outlook is severely essential to how DevOps is considered and valued.

Though there will doubtless be no single course to DevOps success, the organisations that be conscious of building DevOps on shared principles that ponder a team’s culture, targets and strengths are on the top course.

Kai Hilton-Jones is senior director of strategies engineering for EMEA at GitHub.

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