Florida Lady Dies From Dengue Fever

Florida Lady Dies From Dengue Fever

By Denise Mann

HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, June 10, 2021 (HealthDay News) — The loss of life of a Miami girl in her 30s from locally obtained dengue fever highlights the need for consciousness of a most likely fatal mosquito-borne virus that is now found in the US.

As soon as fully seen in hot and steamy tropical or subtropical locales, dengue has been on the upward thrust in parts of the southern United States attributable to world warming, bound and other components. Whereas most American citizens peaceable contract the illness while touring to parts of the sphere where dengue is endemic, there beget also been cases of locally obtained dengue in the US, alongside side a 2019 outbreak in Miami.

This can happen when a native mosquito feeds on a one who’s contaminated with dengue after which pass the illness on to others.

Unfold by a chew from an contaminated Aedes mosquito, dengue could per chance cause a high fever, rash and muscle or joint distress. In excessive cases, dengue could per chance cause most likely fatal bleeding and shock. Annually, as a lot as 400 million folk will change into contaminated with dengue and about 22,000 will die from this illness, fixed with the U.S. Services for Illness Lend a hand watch over and Prevention.


In 2019, Florida seen 413 folk diagnosed with dengue, most of whom had now not too prolonged ago traveled to Cuba. This outbreak sired 18 locally obtained cases, alongside side one who resulted in the young Miami girl’s loss of life. To fetch out the availability of the an infection, doctors reviewed the girl’s bound history and conducted genetic sequencing of the virus, which confirmed that it turned into locally obtained.

Her fable is the premise of a letter in the June 10 order of the Contemporary England Journal of Remedy. It will peaceable again as a cautionary tale, mentioned co-author Dr. Stephen Morris, an infectious illness specialist at Jackson Memorial Health center in Miami.

“Florida is a model of a quasi-endemic apartment for dengue now,” he mentioned. “We’re going to provide you the option to beget to peaceable question this as a trouble transferring ahead, and doctors in the southern U.S. can beget to peaceable know that dengue is on the table as a imaginable diagnosis.”


There could be not any broadly available vaccine to end dengue, Morris mentioned. To stave off an infection, “employ a like minded trojan horse spray, veil your skin and avoid areas with a host of standing water,” he mentioned. Mosquitoes love to lay eggs in terms of standing water in buckets, bowls, flower pots and vases.


Screens on doors and home windows could per chance well additionally additionally set mosquitoes out, Morris mentioned.

Delayed diagnosis

There could be not any hasty take a look at for dengue both so it is going to procure a whole lot of days to model a diagnosis, defined see co-author Tyler Appealing, an epidemiologist on the CDC’s dengue branch in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A delay in diagnosis played a characteristic in the Miami girl’s loss of life. “Within the event you assume it is going to be dengue, treat it as if they beget got it, and if it is detrimental, there’ll not be a blueprint back,” Appealing mentioned.

Treatment entails hydration and shut monitoring of basic signs. “Uncover your doctor whenever you beget been to an apartment where dengue is endemic or if somebody you realize has now not too prolonged ago been diagnosed with dengue because it could per chance well now not be front of thoughts to many doctors,” he mentioned.

Controlling mosquitoes on the neighborhood diploma has been more tense, mentioned Appealing.

“We desire to make a choice consciousness and develop, overview and in the discontinuance put in pressure instruments to wrestle dengue in South Florida and in various areas,” he mentioned.


There are ways of lowering the mosquito population which could per chance maybe be currently being explored. As an illustration, as fragment of a controversial see, Florida released genetically modified male mosquitoes that pass on a gene that kills feminine offspring sooner than they worn. Most arresting feminine Aedes aegypti mosquitoes can chew and spread dengue.

Unless and until the mosquito population is reduced, “it is terribly important to be responsive to dengue in Florida, Texas and Hawaii as we know that mosquito vector is there,” mentioned Yesim Tozan, an assistant professor of world health on the NYU College of Global Public Health in Contemporary York City.

Fortunately, most native outbreaks in the US beget been restricted as mosquitoes can now not fly too a long way, she mentioned.

“We desire to be vigilant about fever and illness in particular once we know mosquitoes are active,” Tozan mentioned. Mosquito season spans from spring to descend.


“Climate alternate is making us study excessive weather love unexpected rain and fluctuating temperatures and mosquitoes are very aloof to this, so all of a sudden now we beget breeding task once we occasionally would now not,” defined Tozan, who turned into now not eager on the new listing.


“Be an expert traveler,” she mentioned. “Within the event you is liable to be getting succor from areas where dengue and other mosquito-borne ailments are prevalent, portion your bound history alongside side your doctor.”

Extra knowledge

The U.S. Services for Illness Lend a hand watch over and Prevention offers more on dengue prevention.

SOURCES: Stephen Morris, MD, infectious illness specialist, Jackson Memorial Health center, Miami; Tyler Appealing, PhD, epidemiologist, CDC Dengue Department, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Yesim Tozan, PhD, assistant professor, world health, NYU College of Global Public, Contemporary York City; Contemporary England Journal of Remedy, June 10, 2021

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