Here Are the Easter Eggs You Could Be pleased Skipped over in Episode 8 of WandaVision

Here Are the Easter Eggs You Could Be pleased Skipped over in Episode 8 of WandaVision

Spoilers note for the WandaVision episode “Beforehand On.”

Every episode of Disney+’s superhero sitcom WandaVision has integrated a ton of indirect references to the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this week took viewers on a literal tour of the MCU’s latest historic previous, with Agatha Harkness forcing Wanda Maximoff to relive some of her most stressful recollections.

While the massive majority of these flashback scenes camouflage enviornment cloth that followers are already conversant in (equivalent to Wanda and Pietro getting trapped for the length of an air raid) or had already assumed used to be the case (it turns out Wanda’s pain did trigger her to function the Hex in spite of all the pieces), in addition they supplied unheard of-needed emotional context in convey to develop viewers root even harder for Wanda as she heads into subsequent week’s finale.

And, obviously, this present day out through time and condominium used to be filthy rich with yet extra MCU Easter eggs, which heaps of followers salvage been poring over. In a roundup over on the Every thing Continuously channel, Michael Roman capabilities out that in the episode’s prologue, Agatha is punished by her coven for “stealing” occult secrets and tactics that are previous her space—this is in stark distinction to the philosophy expressed by Wong in Doctor Weird, the set “no files is forbidden.” Foreshadowing for how Wanda’s magical tutelage may perchance perchance well well occur in Multiverse of Madness? Presumably.

Agatha also plucks a hair from Wanda’s head in convey to function a doorway whereby to see her previous, in a manner akin to how Doctor Weird helps Thor and Loki discover Odin in Ragnarok. Yet any other seemingly Doctor Weird tie-in is a e-book with a Celtic-having a see image of a tree in Agatha’s dungeon/workshop/temple, which Roman interprets as doubtlessly belonging to the Veteran One, whose origins were acknowledged to be Celtic in the movie. That image on the e-book’s camouflage may perchance perchance well well also be Yggdrasil, the tree from Norse mythology which connects the total nine worlds, honest in case you were having a study a pair of Thor reference.

Then there is Agatha’s bunny familiar, Señor Scratchy; while some followers salvage speculated that the mailman or even Pietro may perchance perchance well well genuinely be shapeshifting into the rabbit, this episode principles both of them out, as Pietro is presumably birth air confronting Monica, and the mailman used to be shown to be an widespread resident of Westview sooner than the Hex. Roman provides that the rabbit may perchance perchance well well silent end up being printed as a personality, placing his money on Nicholas Scratch, Agatha’s son from the comics. (Yet any other theory capabilities to the rabbit being Doctor Weird, who Agatha has trapped in animal develop. Stephen Weird, Señor Scratchy, S.S. Fetch it?)

This episode also highlights Wanda’s lack of knowledge of witchcraft, which makes sense provided that the MCU has downplayed this aspect of the source enviornment cloth up till now. Nonetheless, this episode marks the foremost on-display level out of Wanda’s superhero title, the Scarlet Witch, and for the length of the scene blueprint in Strucker’s inappropriate when Wanda is having a see into the Mind Stone, she appears to see a vision of herself in her dilapidated comedian e-book costume. Whether it is a premonition of her future self, a nod to her location as a Nexus being, or honest one thing for the followers to like stays to be considered, but it completely certainly appears as if Wanda’s foundation epic is once extra being retconned so that she used to be a young witch with chaos magic seemingly all alongside, and it used to be both unlocked or amplified by the Mind Stone.

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