Rick Wilson Accuses Matt Gaetz, Ken Buck And Jim Jordan Of ‘Whiny Bitch Victimhood’

Rick Wilson Accuses Matt Gaetz, Ken Buck And Jim Jordan Of ‘Whiny Bitch Victimhood’

Mission Lincoln’s Rick Wilson tore into President Donald Trump’s “honest believers,” accusing them of “whiny bitch victimhood.”

Wilson told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that Republican Reps. Matt Gaetz (FL), Ken Buck (CO) and Jim Jordan (OH) were among Trump’s exact unsuitable, asserting that they were inaccurate of their perception that they were being singled out because they were conservative. (RELATED: ‘They Chortle At Any individual Who Speaks With An Accent’: Fox News Panel Will get Heated Over Viral Don Lemon Clip)


Wilson started by attacking Trump straight away, asserting that he had many of the Republicans in Congress vexed that he could per chance truly assault them or members of their households.

“Donald Trump is the leader of a terrorist faction, of a terrorist group that terrorizes the Congress. They accomplished their mission,” Wilson acknowledged. “When it came to the Republicans, those who basically mediate in Trumpism, it’s a handful, it’s 25, 35 of those idiots, the Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan kinds. Loads of the remaining of them are factual fully residing in stark dismay that Donald Trump’s mob will come and kill them.”

Reid then showed a clip of Gaetz arguing that Trump’s supporters were inflamed thanks to the style that Democrats — from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on down — and Hollywood had handled the president, adding with fun, “Hollywood is the identical negate as Donald Trump inciting an precise rebel and a coup.”

She added that newly-elected Republican North Carolina Win. Marjorie Taylor-Greene had complained that she became as soon as being silenced even as she spoke from the House ground.

“This whiny bitch victimhood from Matt Gaetz and Ken Buck and Jim Jordan,” Wilson concluded. “Twitter and Fb aren’t banning you because you’re a conservative. They’re banning you because you suck. They’re banning you because you convey scandalous st. They’re banning you because you toughen a revolution in opposition to the authorities of this country and a free and beautiful election. That is basically the most extraordinary negate about this to me is all of those tricky man scramble monkeys who act like they’re the sizable, you know, alpha males — they’re whining and bitching and moaning about Kathy Griffin maintaining up a mannequin head, or Nancy Pelosi tearing up a chunk of paper. Attain on, guys, toughen up.”

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