Sonic Amateur Games Expo Parts 150+ Free Fan Games

Sonic Amateur Games Expo Parts 150+ Free Fan Games

The logo for the SAGE 2021 event.

Screenshot: Sonic Amateur Games Expo

The day gone by, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo started, persevering with a 21-year custom of followers coming together to share modern community-developed games, demos, mods, and engines. And while the title implies it’s all about Sonic, SAGE is more than correct ROM-hacks and fan games in response to Sega’s standard mascot. (But don’t pain, there is aloof a good deal of Sonic squawk material for followers of the blue hedgehog.)

The digital expo started the total manner support in 2000. The event became as soon as created as a manner to “support promote and showcase folks’s creations in an effortless and free manner as successfully as give builders a decrease-off date to goal for.” It’s continued to grow in the closing two a protracted time. The 21st Sonic Amateur Games Expo started the previous day. It runs till August 27.

Over on the legit SAGE online page you may well per chance gain over 160 games created by the community. A majority of these games employ Sonic characters or are in response to other online sport franchises. But there are also entirely long-established video games developed by indie devs. On a YouTube channel linked to the expo, you may well well for the time being earn streams where folks play thru the quite lots of fan-created games and indie titles.

It’s no longer correct games being shared as section of the Expo, however you may well per chance furthermore gain particular person-developed engines, mods, and other hacks too. It’s a resounding quantity of squawk material and group that, as you may well beget guessed, Sega isn’t officially linked to or affiliated with at all.

The plump history of the Sonic Amateur Games Expo may per chance furthermore be chanced on on a prolonged and in-depth page hosted on As anticipated with any prolonged-running community event there were some united statesand some downs. But it’s aloof wild to switch looking out one thing that feels in model – a web based indie sport competition – that’s been around for 2 a protracted time and is flee fully by followers!

Simply consider to study out the total games on hand on the legit SAGE online page. That you can furthermore put together the expo on Twitter.

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