Stephen Colbert Has a Pharmaceutical Treatment for Fox Recordsdata Brainwashing (Video)

Stephen Colbert Has a Pharmaceutical Treatment for Fox Recordsdata Brainwashing (Video)

Kicking off Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Reward,” Stephen Colbert poked fun on the unparalleled (and absurd, accountability dodging) excuse considered a few of the Jan. 6 insurrectionists as a defense in court — with a parody pharmaceutical ad providing a treatment for “Foxitis,” or whenever you to decide, Fox Recordsdata brainwashing.

The term “Foxitis” comes from Anthony Antonio, considered a few of the insurrectionists who attempted to overthrow the authorities as share of the lethal Jan. 6 rebellion incited by Donald Trump. Antonio is considered one of an entire bunch of contributors now going thru accurate considerations stemming from their (alleged) treasonous behavior, and is charged with 5 federal crimes. He doesn’t tell that he participated in what turned into a literal attempted coup making an are trying to procure to nullify a elegant election, set up the loser of that election, and successfully elevate America’s machine of authorities to an cease. As a substitute, he’s making an are trying responsible hours and hours of Fox Recordsdata consumption for warping his political opinions, something his attorney called “Foxitis.”

So now that you just’re caught up on that nonsense, encourage to Colbert. “The Late Reward” kicked off with the clip, a flawed commercial for the treatment. (Spoiler: The treatment is to cease watching Fox Recordsdata.)

“Are you or a cherished on struggling from Foxitis? A severe clinical condition affecting many older American citizens, and folk which can be hoarding canned goods in their shed,” the flawed ad begins.

Then it listed which that that you just might additionally judge of symptoms, all of which were puns on the names of Fox Recordsdata’ roster of classy hover commentators.

“Indicators of Foxitis might perhaps presumably also merely encompass: Changeable Gutfeld; Bartiromononucleosis; Swollen Ainsley; Blood for your Doocy; Ingraham toenail; Jeanine Pirrohoids; Tucker Carcinoma; Kayleigh Mcanalcyst; and Seanital Warts,” the ad persevered. That last one turned into pronounced “Shawn-ital” within the event you’re weird.

Finally, it obtained to the point: “Thankfully, there is a treatment. Introducing “Off.” From the makers of “Quiet,” and “Change the Channel.”

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