Systems to Trade Your Screen Brightness on Windows 11

Systems to Trade Your Screen Brightness on Windows 11

While you happen to possess a Windows 11 computer computer, tablet, or all-in-one PC, it’s easy to commerce your constructed-in conceal’s brightness with a pair clicks (or taps) thanks to the Quick Settings menu or the Settings app. Here’s how.

Systems to Trade Screen Brightness With Quick Settings

First, click on the Quick Settings button on your taskbar, which is a hidden button positioned where you search on your Wi-Fi, Speaker, and Battery icons in the some distance-correct nook.

Click the area to the left of the clock in the taskbar to bring up the Quick Settings menu.

When the Quick Settings menu pops up, discover the brightness slider, which has a sun icon beside it. Click on (or tap) and creep the circle on the brightness slider to fetch bigger or decrease the brightness of your constructed-in display.

In a pleasant touch, the sun icon grows higher or smaller reckoning on how vivid you position the slider. While you get the slider the technique you enjoy it, you might perchance perchance perchance shut the Quick Settings menu by clicking wherever out of doorways the menu or selecting the Quick Settings button in the taskbar over again.

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Systems to Trade Screen Brightness in Windows Settings

You would possibly perchance perchance also commerce your constructed-in conceal’s brightness utilizing Windows Settings. First, inaugurate Settings by pressing Windows+i to your keyboard. When it opens, click on “Intention” in the sidebar, then take hold of “Level to.”

In Settings, click

In Intention Level to settings, scroll all the manner down to the “Brightness & Coloration” part. Under “Brightness,” express the slider to develop or lower the brightness of your constructed-in display.

Use the

While you’re performed, shut Settings. Whenever or now not it will likely be fundamental to alter your brightness over again, revisit Settings > Intention > Level to or express the Quick Settings menu.

If Your Brightness Slider Is Greyed Out

While you happen to don’t get a constructed-in display (enjoy a computer computer or tablet), the conceal brightness slider in Quick Settings will likely be unavailable (grayed out). In that case, you’ll must express your display screen’s physical controls to commerce your conceal brightness. Consult your display screen’s enhance internet area or documentation to discover how to create that. Elegant luck!

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