The future of Darksiders, Red Faction and THQ’s other IP at Nordic Games

The future of Darksiders, Red Faction and THQ’s other IP at Nordic Games

In an industry thick with creators, Lars Wingefors is an unapologetic industry man first, maybe most attention-grabbing.

“I’ve viewed inferior experiences with on the lookout for to take care of inventive people,” acknowledged Wingefors, self-described entrepreneur and owner of Nordic Games Crew and Wingefors Make investments. “So we kill no longer accept as true with any internal developers and I kill no longer intend to.”

In most cases that would no longer be a drawback for a sport distributor, nonetheless as of the outdated day afternoon unofficially, and subsequent month officially, Wingefors’ Nordic Games shall be the owner of extra than 150 person titles, rights to titles and video sport franchises, each the beloved orphan of THQ’s staunch disintegration.

This could even be as much as Wingefors and his industry team in Austria to establish what to kill with the likes of MX Vs. ATV, Darksiders, Red Faction, Deadly Creatures, Abolish All Folk, Supreme Commander, Titan Quest, and the list goes on and on.

Does he conception to remodel his firm, a industry largely built on the profits of promoting and distributing video video games, into a sport developer? Absolutely no longer, he tells Polygon. Does he conception to simply republish the glut of video games his firm staunch inherited and beneath no conditions oversee a sequel? Also completely no longer.

Wingefors’ doubtless plans are aloof coalescing in the aftermath of months of industry maneuvering and bidding that culminated one week ago this day when he came upon that Nordic Game had efficiently purchased the majority of THQ’s titles. But doubtless he plans to accept as true with his team form via the mix of titles, figure out fresh distribution affords and originate to cautiously explore the possibility of touchdown third-party developers to create sequels for some of those franchises, he acknowledged.

“I kill no longer wish to repeat the mistakes of THQ and bring out unprofitable merchandise. Then your days are over.”

“For sure we can explore into all possibilities,” Wingegors told Polygon when asked about capacity sequels, “nonetheless I kill no longer wish to repeat the mistakes of THQ and bring out unprofitable merchandise. Then your days are over. You’ve to search out the lovely [development] team and make a fine industry model round it.

“I kill judge there is sizable capacity, all these video games accept as true with equipped in the millions. There is a fancy for these titles. Red Faction has millions of fans. They were disenchanted with the closing installment, nonetheless I judge there is capacity in it. And unnecessary to divulge Darksiders, every person, every person would have interaction to glimpse one thing come from that.

Wingefors’ cautious technique to the titles he now owns extends the total blueprint help to the day he first grew to change into in shopping them.

“I obtained a phone call roughly as quickly as the press release came out asserting that THQ used to be auctioning off the video games,” he acknowledged. “And now we accept as true with got been in the middle of since then.”

Wingefors concept to be getting all for the February public sale of THQ’s most attention-grabbing titles, nonetheless in the cessation decided the direction of used to be too rich for his firm to participate in.

“Though we kill accept as true with a appropriate financial situation, doing a sport fancy South Park [The Stick of Truth], that is for the without a doubt gargantuan corporations,” he acknowledged.

Wingefors used to be furthermore thinking about the burn of adopting huge studios. The overhead to skedaddle a firm fancy Volition, he afraid, could accept as true with been too much for his firm to take care of.

Following that preliminary situation of gross sales, officials facing the industrial kill lawsuits reached help out to Nordic Games to declare them there would be one other public sale.

“That used to be the explicit fit for us,” he acknowledged, “On tale of we wanted a broader portfolio.”


The Vienna-basically basically based completely firm used to be basically based in 2011 off of money Wingefors made promoting overstock video games, he acknowledged. That year, the firm managed to assign JoWooD Leisure, grabbing up the likes of Gothic, Spellforce and Resort Big. Piece of the deal integrated the prefer of subsidiary DreamCatcher Interactive and further than 50 of their IP, including the Painkiller and Safecracker sequence.

That double deal ready Wingefors and his team for this THQ acquisition, he acknowledged. And the money for the deal came from money earned via Game Outlet Europe and the sale of overstocked video games.

The team started taking a explore at the list of IP in earnest in March, he acknowledged, and they placed their first allege about two weeks ago. The closing allege used to be made closing week. On Tuesday they were told they’d won the final public sale for the properties.

“They wanted extra and we had a dialogue and I agreed to pay a bit extra than I first had concept I would,” he acknowledged.

Within the cessation, the firm paid $4.9 million for the properties, snatching up staunch about all of THQ’s remnant IP, other than for Homeworld which went to Gearbox Diagram and Drawn to Lifestyles which went to 505 Games.

The court aloof has to approve the sale, nonetheless that is anticipated to happen in May maybe maybe.

Step one, once the deal is court authorised, is for his team to methodically work via the properties to glimpse what has been printed where and the blueprint in which the titles are being equipped.

“We already accept as true with a publishing industry,” he acknowledged, “so unnecessary to divulge we can explore all possibilities to promote those merchandise across the sector.

“THQ used to be vivid about having their video games on a mode of platforms, nonetheless they omitted just a few. I hope we are capable of submit some appropriate feeble classics on appropriate platforms fancy, as an illustration, Upright Outmoded Games.”

The team will furthermore be talking with parties about a few of the extra advanced affords they inherited. Get rid of as an illustration, Double Enticing’s Costume Quest and Stacking. Both are video games that THQ retained the restricted distribution rights to. Now Nordic Games has them.

“We staunch wish to search out the lovely team who accept as true with the inventive abilities to get one thing appropriate out of these properties.”

While Wingefors has no arrangement of simply giving freely rights he purchased, even in the occasion that they were section of a equipment deal, he acknowledged he plans to check with developers fancy Double Enticing who get themselves in that form of utter of affairs with an IP.

“We are very versatile and straightforward to work with,” he acknowledged.

Since the news hit the outdated day evening, Nordic Games has been flooded with thousands of emails, Wingefors acknowledged. Many were congratulations, he acknowledged, nonetheless there accept as true with been furthermore hundreds asking about capacity industry affords.

Those affords, Wingefors acknowledged, shall be key to insuring that the IP Nordic Games now owns will earn sequels.

“First of all, I’m an entrepreneur and industry man of video games,” Wingefors explained to me. “I’m no longer a sport creator. We kill no longer accept as true with the inventive abilities to get sequels. But I’m asserting that I know that over the closing 24 hours now we accept as true with got been in contact with a mode of of the distinctive creators and studios. We staunch wish to search out the lovely team who accept as true with the inventive abilities to get one thing appropriate out of these properties.

“If we are capable of search out that team, I’m definite I’d even be inventive enough to search out the industry model and financial commentary to get one thing to happen in due direction.”

Upright how quickly that will happen, Wingefors is no longer definite. He acknowledged he plans to exercise much of his time at E3 this June talking with developers and publishers about capacity affords. He furthermore acknowledged he is launch to the basis of inventive industry affords, including ones in which he hands over the IP to a studio in commerce for a section of the firm.

“It is extraordinarily laborious to dispute when the first sequel will come out,” he acknowledged. “I’m definite we are capable of ticket some extra or less affords for sequels maybe right via the summer season for just a few, or even one of them.”

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