This Day in History: Did This Chinese language Man Derive Sex With an Alien?

This Day in History: Did This Chinese language Man Derive Sex With an Alien?

Tales from the Chinese language Crypt is a accepted web column exploring unusual and creepy tales from across China.

Alien-human sex is no longer one thing that’s a accepted topic of dialog. Here’s possible for a spread of causes: For one, it’s pretty routine, and two, there isn’t any longer this kind of thing as a concrete evidence aliens contain visited our planet – let alone bought intimate with our species.

Even Hollywood has largely neglected the knowing that, with totally a handful of motion footage exploring the foundation, essentially the most famous of which is a passing comment in District 9 about Nigerian prostitutes promoting sex to the movie’s alien refugees.

While the idea of interplanetary like could well furthermore goal seem fancy one thing that is precisely poke to the realm of science fiction, it does (allegedly) contain a precedent on our green and blue galactic house. This month’s Tales from the Chinese language Crypt will insist the myth of Meng Zhaoguo – a person from Wuchang, cease to Harbin in Heilongjiang province, who claims to contain engaged sexually with an extraterrestrial. 

The account starts in June 7, 1994 when Zhaoguo was as soon as working at a logging camp and noticed lights and metal flashes from nearby Mount Phoenix. When our humble protagonist went to compare what he assumed was as soon as a downed helicopter, he was as soon as hit within the head by an unknown entity or power  – knocking him out straight away. 

“I thought a helicopter had crashed, so I divulge out to scavenge for scrap,” Zhaoguo informed a reporter from The Huffington Put up“Foom! Something hit me square within the forehead and knocked me out.”


A photo of a suspected UFO over Mount Phoenix in July 2012. We’re no specialists, however the intense location appears to be like to be suspiciously fancy lens flare to us…

When Zhaoguo came to, he encountered a massive human-esque female alien, which he described as: “10 feet [3.03 meters] enormous and had six fingers, but in any other case she appeared totally fancy a human.” Some sorts of the myth also affirm the alien had fur-lined legs

What allegedly took divulge subsequent is where the myth goes from unusual to bat-shit insane. In preserving with one version of the myth, Zhaoguo was as soon as transported support house, where he engaged in a marathon 40-minute sexual come across with the galactic customer whereas hovering above his sound asleep indispensable other and daughter. When the dwelling creature in the end done with the genital rubbing, Zhaoguo was as soon as left with a mysterious scar on his thigh – a tag which, when investigated by a health care provider in September 2003, was as soon as deemed irregular and no longer precipitated by accepted injury or surgery. 

The strangeness doesn’t cease there though, because a month later Zhaoguo claims to contain ascended thru a wall to head to the aliens on their spaceship.  When onboard he requested to peep his alien lover one time beyond regulation, a repeat that was as soon as denied.  While on the spacecraft, Zhaoguo was as soon as informed that his human-alien hybrid son could well be born on a a lot-away planet in 60 years.

“They acknowledged in Chinese language, but with a heavy accent so it was as soon as exhausting for me to stamp first and predominant, that they were refugees. Love me, they desired to safe away their old lives, so they left their loss of life house,” Zhaoguo informed The Huffington Put up.


A immense creepy interpretation of a human-alien hybrid youngster…

As successfully as to the scientific examination Zhaoguo bought in 2003, he was as soon as also discipline to a polygraph check which, according to some sources, proved he was as soon as telling the fact. One among the stranger aspects of this myth is the fact that Zhaoguo claims to contain never heard of UFOs or outer dwelling folks until he reported his expertise…

Zhaoguo’s indispensable other reportedly forgave him for his adulterous alien escapades, mentioning: “I informed my indispensable other all about it afterwards. She wasn’t too mad.” 

The one thing that stood out to us after researching this myth is the fact that Zhaoguo bought a mighty selection of gifts because his abduction, alongside with a Sony television, a cow and, most severely, a job at a Harbin university… Naturally, this raises some questions.

We need to admit there are a mighty selection of variations of this myth floating around on the assemble, alongside with some where the abductee was as soon as already in his house when the sexual come across took divulge (versus be transported from Mount Phoenix). For different sorts of this myth, cease a transient Google search and put collectively to burn thru several hours of your life.

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[Images via and The Huffington Post]

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