Trippy Microsoft Flight Simulator mod provides Mario Kart tracks

Trippy Microsoft Flight Simulator mod provides Mario Kart tracks

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart tracks

(Image credit: Microsoft/Nintendo/Illogicoma)

Right in case Microsoft Flight Simulator is a minute too hyper-practical for your tastes, someone went ahead and modded the sport to encompass varied tracks from Mario Kart 8.

As seen by Kotaku, modder Illogicoma pulled a complete of seven Mario Kart 8 tracks from Items Resource and, with the attend of a Blender add-on, made them seem within the most up-to-date Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Sooner than you get too mad, the Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart mod is never really on hand for public download, and it must also honest never be. However it’s miles racy as hell to detect someone fly a correct-to-life airplane thru these goofy Mario Kart tracks cherish Mount Wario, Illogicoma’s all-time favourite, and Moo Moo Meadows, the one with the cows that purposefully get in your manner, the plentiful jerks.

It’s payment noting that this shimmering Flight Simulator mod doesn’t really work cherish a Mario Kart sport; that you would possibly perhaps additionally’t employ races since there is no one else around, and that you would possibly perhaps additionally fly correct thru objects for the reason that collision shuffle-in became being fussy. It’s most regularly correct a slowed-down visible tour of some of Mario Kart 8’s most trendy levels surrounded by Microsoft Flight Simulator’s valid-world backdrop, correct because.

“So anyway I believed Mario Kart 8 tracks would even be fun while you play them in Flight Simulator so I assign Mario Kart 8 tracks in Flight Simulator and conducted them and it became correct,” Illogicoma outlined on Twitter.

If you happen to have not checked out the flight sim yet, neatly, we didn’t encompass it on our listing of the handiest video games on Xbox Sport Cross for nothin’ – however before you soar in, be obvious that to learn thru these at hand Microsoft Flight Simulator newbie pointers.

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