Twitter Adds Pinned Tweets and Descriptions to Trending Issues

Twitter Adds Pinned Tweets and Descriptions to Trending Issues

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So as to raise extra context and readability to trending issues, Twitter recently announced this could maybe be adding descriptions and pinned tweets so of us can extra with out disaster understand why they’re trending. This will seemingly hopefully decrease down on the continuously-contemporary deluge of inappropriate tweets asking no one in explicit why something is trending.

Twitter said it would maybe perchance well as we bid add pinned tweets to take issues on its iOS and Android apps, and in a while for Twitter on the catch. Rapid descriptions for definite issues will roll out over the subsequent few weeks. Both aspects will seemingly be developed by a combination of Twitter’s algorithms and its curation group, following their pointers.

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The algorithm will work to make sure that the chosen pinned tweet isn’t abusive, improper, or spam. They are also a technique for reducing the unfold of misinformation, conspiracy theories, bot accounts, and diversified unwanted or malicious reveal.

Descriptions and pinned tweets will simplest be on hand to users in a tiny number of international locations, nonetheless, in conjunction with the US, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Egypt, France, Japan, Colombia, India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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