TX Gov. Abbott Guarantees to Rent Border Patrol Brokers Punished by Biden Administration

TX Gov. Abbott Guarantees to Rent Border Patrol Brokers Punished by Biden Administration

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX), on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” pledged to rent Border Patrol agents who were punished by the Biden administration for utilizing on horseback while blockading Haitian migrants.

Anchor Chris Wallace talked about, “A quantity of of us were — Democrats especially — include expressed outrage over those Border Patrol officers on horseback who were on the border and perceived to be searching to block Haitians fairly aggressively from discovering the border. Here used to be President Biden on all of that this week.”

In a video, President Joe Biden talked about, “It used to be immoral what you saw coming to stare of us handled cherish they did, horses working them over and of us being strapped. It’s unpleasant. I promise you. Those of us will pay. They’ll be an investigation underway now, and there’ll seemingly be consequences.”

Wallace talked about, “Governor, even must you watched that those officers are being scapegoated, are you in any respect terrorized by the photos of those officers on horseback very aggressively pushing lend a hand on the Haitian immigrants discovering?”

Abbott talked about, “They wouldn’t were in that danger had the Biden administration enforce the immigration laws and stable the border in the major role.”

He continued, “As , course, the particular person that took those photos talked about that the characterization that the Democrats include made in regards to the Border Patrol utilizing them as whipping of us discovering the border is fraudulent. They were merely maneuvering horses.”

Abbott added, “I could roar you is what the president talked about going after the Border Patrol who were risking their lives and working so onerous to earn a stare at to stable the border. If he takes any circulate against them in anyway — I even include labored side by side with those Border Patrol agents — I desire them to know something. If they are in peril of losing their job by a president who is abandoning his responsibility to stable the border, you’ve a job in the shriek of Texas. I could hire you to lend a hand Texas stable our border.”

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