Who’s Omos? Ex-basketball participant makes WWE debut at WrestleMania

Who’s Omos? Ex-basketball participant makes WWE debut at WrestleMania

Did you know WrestleMania 37 will feature the in-ring debut of a wrestler who’s over 7-feet abundant, AJ Sorts’s bodyguard and a extinct college basketball participant? 

Meet Omos, whose real title is Jordan Omogbehin. 

Omos is a former college basketball player and AJ Styles' bodyguard. 

Omos is a extinct college basketball participant and AJ Sorts’ bodyguard. 

The WWE huge will companion with Sorts to preserve on The Fresh Day for the Uncooked impress personnel championship

Born in Nigeria, Omogbehin competed as a heart for the University of South Florida and Morgan Declare University from 2012–15. He played a total of 189 minutes in 43 video games across three seasons. 

He signed with WWE in 2018, but did not construct his NXT in-ring debut till 2019 when he defeated personnel 3.0 in a two-on-one handicap match. Omos has wrestled a handful of dwelling demonstrate suits while in NXT, and has been Sorts’s bodyguard for several months now. 

The 7′ 3″ huge became once launched as Omos at Survivor Sequence final year, the build he became once ringside while Sorts captained Team Uncooked to a exhaust over SmackDown in the dilapidated males’s 5-on-5 elimination match. 

“‘It’s silly, people staunch behold what he does on TV, so they behold him the one time a week on TV or whatever,” Triple H urged Metro.co.uk on Monday. “They don’t behold him in the fitness heart, detached at the PC, they don’t behold him in the ring at the PC. They don’t behold him coaching on every day foundation, detached, to be something particular. He’s striking in the tell. He staunch with out a doubt is one amongst those exhausting working, exhausting work ethic people that is striking in the tell to with out a doubt be correct at this, and I mediate he’ll be.”

Sorts has won every WWE title except the impress personnel championship, the absolute absolute top tell standing in the form of being dubbed a Big Slam Champion. The matchup will preserve location on basically the well-known evening of WrestleMania 37 (Saturday, April 10).

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