WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Response and Highlights from October 11

WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Response and Highlights from October 11

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorTwitter MarkFeatured ColumnistOctober 11, 2021

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    Credit score: WWE.com

    WWE is for the time being environment up the cardboard for the Crown Jewel pay-per-knowing on October 21, alternatively it furthermore has Survivor Collection to trouble about next month.

    The past week has seen management dispute the King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown tournaments that will culminate with the finals at Crown Jewel, so now we contain been seeing quite quite a bit of quarterfinal suits for the males and females.

    Monday’s imprint included a showdown between Mountainous E and Drew McIntyre. With The powerhouse of The Fresh Day on Raw and McIntyre drafted to SmackDown, it appears to be like care for The Scottish Warrior is making one closing play at the WWE Championship.

    We furthermore seen competitors personnel up when Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks battled Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in brand personnel motion.

    Let’s earn a knowing at what occurred on Monday’s Raw. 

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    Raw opened with McIntyre making his system all of the map down to the ring alongside with his true sword, Angela. He didn’t earn to talk for lengthy earlier than Mountainous E made his system to the ring taking a knowing fired up. 

    He suggested McIntyre that he gets why he wants to be WWE champion again because he has seen the advantages that near with having the title. 

    The Scottish Warrior said he goes to bustle via Mountainous E as he has to Goldberg and Randy Orton, and there might be no longer any longer a rattling facet he might maybe per chance make about it. Forward of they could sail from now on, The Usos came out onto the stage. 

    After some trash-talk, they agreed to contain a brand personnel match later within the imprint. The announcers made sure to level out that WWE management has to make it genuine. The Usos attacked McIntyre and Mountainous E earlier than making a transient exit. 

    Grade: C


    This changed into a sever and dry speaking segment. Two competitors traded some words earlier than they had been compelled to align against a typical enemy. Now we contain seen this vogue of segment a whole lot of times over time.

    The finest part changed into Mountainous E’s fragment of the change. That guy might maybe per chance make the leisure comical, alternatively it wasn’t sufficient to make the whole segment the leisure special. This might maybe per chance contain been copied and pasted from one other script with the names modified and no-one would contain seen. 

    Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods gave a backstage interview earlier than heading to the ring for the first match. Why didn’t they bustle out to lend a hand Mountainous E when The Usos attacked?

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    The KOTR tournament persevered with one other first-round match between Woods and Ricochet. They locked up and exchanged wristlocks and counters till Woods hit a working shoulder to rating the first knockdown. 

    Ricochet tried to springboard into the ring however Woods hit the terminate rope to day out him. They every ended up on the terminate rope the build The One and Handiest hit a huge superplex to ship us to a damage. 

    We returned to gaze Ricochet earn a two-count. Woods hit a stunning gutbuster to earn a near-drop as he began to make a comeback. Ricochet grabbed Woods for a cartwheel slam and a working kick, however he wasn’t in a chain to make a quilt earlier than Woods rolled out of the ring. 

    The high-flyer lept over the ring put up and took out his opponent at ringside. He went serve into the ring and drilled him with a suicide dive. When he went for a 2d, Woods countered and sent him into the barricade. He introduced Ricochet serve in and climbed to the terminate rope for a flying elbow plunge to earn the pin. 

    Grade: A-


    This match allowed every men to blow their dangle horns about a of the skills they put no longer always earn to make utilize of, and that allowed them to placed on an unbelievable imprint.

    The size of the bout changed into stunning however with about a extra minutes, they’d contain had the match of the week with out quiz of. Just among the spots they did had been performed with amazing precision. 

    This is Woods’ first step in direction of achieving his destiny to change into the King of the Ring. If he would no longer desire the whole tournament, then what are we even doing right here?

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    The reunited Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander took on Mustafa Ali and Mansoor within the subsequent match. Ali and Benjamina began for his or her teams, however they every tagged their companions slightly like a flash. 

    Ali and Mansoor hit a double-personnel circulate to Alexander however he evaded the 450 from Ali. He hit a Michinoku Driver for the pin whereas Benjamin held Mansoor serve. 

    Ali shoved Mansoor to the mat and walked away taking a knowing offended after the match. 

    Grade: D


    It wants to be eminent that the wretched grade for this match is a reflection on whoever booked them to most effective earn two minutes, no longer the four Superstars alive to.

    Mansoor is serene rising however Ali, Benjamin and Alexander are all giant staff who contain the functionality to remove the imprint on any given night. This system of match is mindless and does nothing to lend a hand anybody. 

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    Shayna Baszler and Dana Brooke met for a match and The Queen of Spades bought off to a sturdy initiating. Brooke changed into in a chain to earn in about a of her dangle offense earlier than Baszler grabbed her within the Kirifuda Take dangle of.

    Brooke countered proper into a pin for a two-count. The MMA fighter grabbed her in an ankle lock however Brooke countered all over again. She changed into met with a stiff kick to the face to give Baszler a easy desire. 

    Grade: C


    While this match changed into factual as instant because the brand bout we bought earlier than it, booking it this vogue made great extra sense because they are searching to construct Baszler serve up proper into a monster competitor.

    She should not be having lengthy, competitive suits with the likes of Brooke. She wants to be beating these girls like a flash and with malice of forethought. 

    On the opposite hand, even when this changed into the coolest name from a booking standpoint, it serene wasn’t lengthy sufficient to be a giant match, so it has to be graded with every information in thoughts. 

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    After taking up AJ Styles closing week, Riddle challenged Omos to a match. While Styles accompanied his brand personnel partner to the ring, The Viper changed into nowhere to be seen. 

    Riddle grabbed a mic and said some random stuff earlier than forgetting what he changed into speaking about. He then known as for Orton to strike, however he never appeared. Styles said Riddle changed into stalling and he factual predominant to easily compile that Omos would decapitate him. 

    The ref eventually known as for the bell however Riddle rolled out of the ring and attacked Styles. Omos grabbed him by the hair and introduced him into the ring so he might maybe per chance crush him within the nook. 

    He hit a tall chokeslam however Styles suggested him no longer to circulate for the quilt yet because they could dangle beating him up. He asked Omos to hit a roundhouse kick and he drilled The Bro honest appropriate within the face. Styles asked for and acquired an instantaneous replay.

    Omos picked up Riddle for one other chokeslam to earn the easy pin. Orton eventually arrived and hit the RKO to Styles earlier than making a transient exit. 

    Grade: C


    Right because it be fun to gaze any individual decimate Riddle with ease would no longer point out this match changed into appropriate. It changed into easy by fabricate to cowl Omos’ inexperience, alternatively it had some fun moments.

    Styles soliciting for instantaneous replays in insensible motion changed into comical even when the gang didn’t seem into it. Orton permitting his partner to be destroyed earlier than eventually showing up tracks alongside with his character. 

    Now not lower than WWE had Omos desire tidy. He might maybe per chance simply serene continue to be positioned as a monter till he can contain longer suits. 

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    After attacking Jeff Hardy at some level of the draft closing week, Austin Theory had a match with The Charismatic Enigma on Monday’s Raw.

    Hardy ducked a clothesline and took dangle an eye fixed on honest appropriate away. He took Theory from nook to nook and hit a double ax take care of from the guts rope. Theory countered a Twist of Destiny and hit a nice rolling dropkick for a two-count. 

    He grounded Hardy in a submission as Reggie ran down whereas being chased by a bunch of diversified wrestlers. He released the retain and went after R-Reality.

    Hardy took advantage of the distraction and hit the Twist of Destiny. Theory evaded the Swanton and rolled him up with a handful of pants for the need. 

    Grade: C+


    Various than the opening bout between Woods and Ricochet, every match on this card has been lower than 5 minutes. It gets quite quite a bit of americans on the imprint however every match has suffered as a consequence.

    This might maybe per chance contain been a fun change between two talented athletes. As a replace, it changed into a instant contest that included shenanigans from the 24/7 champion. 

    What cramped Hardy and Theory did make regarded appropriate. Let’s hope these two earn one other likelihood to contain a lawful performance. 

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    The 2d King of the Ring quarterfinal match of the night featured Kofi Kingston taking up Jinder Mahal. Veer and Shanky had been at ringside for toughen. Woods came out with Kingston to retain issues stunning. 

    The Maharaja hit the first takedown with a waistlock slam. He taunted Woods earlier than taking him down in a headlock. He knocked Kingston down with a shoulder take care of twice in a row. 

    The high-flyer hit a dropkick and a hurricanrana as he began constructing up a head of steam. He hit the belief drop from the guts rope to the ground as we went to a industrial. 

    Kingston went for the SOS when we returned, however they landed awkwardly. Mahal kicked out after a crossbody from the terminate rope. He hit Kingston with a gutbuster for one other two-count. 

    Woods bought proper into a battle with Veer and Shanky, however the distraction ended up resulting in Mahal beating Kingston to advance within the tournament. 

    Grade: B-


    Mahal has never been too standard because WWE has never made his character delightful, however he’s undoubtedly an correct in-ring worker who would no longer earn sufficient credit score for his reliability. He is conscious of how that you just might per chance work against factual about any form of opponent and make them knowing appropriate. 

    The consequence changed into no longer ideal however all the issues that came earlier than it changed into solid. Kingston had about a giant sports actions however furthermore made about a minor errors alongside the kind. 

    Eliminating the likelihood of seeing Woods vs. Kingston within the semifinals goes to make quite quite a bit of followers offended. 

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    Belair and Banks tried to position their variations apart for one night to personnel up against two girls who hate every diversified factual as great, Lynch and Flair. 

    The Boss and The EST argued over who would initiating for his or her personnel and it like a flash was physical. Lynch attacked them and he or she changed into shoved into Charlotte on the apron. All four girls began to brawl whereas a few officials tried to interrupt them up. 

    The Queen changed into going to hit The Man with a moonsault, however Banks refrained from it. Belair ended up throwing The Boss into every girls. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville came out and said this changed into unacceptable. They suggested them to earn within the ring and initiating the match, however they factual saved combating their dangle companions. 

    We returned from a damage to gaze each person succesful of initiating the match. Banks and Flair began for his or her teams. The Queen tried to lock within the Figure Four early however Banks countered proper into a pin for a two-count. Mountainous Time Becks tagged herself in however uncared for a leg plunge. 

    Belair tagged in and ended up sending Banks out of the ring with a backdrop. She took Lynch down and hit a working splash for a near-drop. The Boss tagged herself serve in and dumped Belair off the terminate rope to the ground. The Queen slapped Lynch within the serve of the head to brand in and stay her from locking in her finisher. 

    Belair dropped her dangle partner on the terminate rope and the ref known as for a double DQ. They all saved combating till The Man changed into the closing girl standing. 

    Grade: C+


    The pre-match brawl changed into chaotic and fun, however the match that followed didn’t retain that identical vitality earlier than breaking down.

    The kind this performed out made extra sense than how WWE customarily books competitors as brand personnel companions, however the final execution felt off come what might. They introduced the physicality, even when. 

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    Another Queen’s Crown match took set apart this week with Natalya taking up Doudrop within the quarterfinals. 

    Nattie talked some trash and slapped Doudrop earlier than they locked up and fought to the nook. The unprecedented unloaded on the newcomer with lefts and rights.

    Doudrop countered a headlock takeover and ran over her with a shoulder take care of. Natalya evaded a senton and hit a low dropkick for a two-count. 

    She set apart apart Doudrop in an belly stretch however she broke free and sent Nattie to the nook. The Queen of Harts hit a tall discus lariat for a near-drop. She tried to utilize the Sharpshooter however Doudrop rolled her up for the need. 

    Grade: C+


    This changed into a instant however first charge match. Natalya regarded aggressive and Doudrop did issues that highlight her strengths as a performer.

    The consequence wasn’t a huge shock alternatively it would contain been nice within the occasion that they had a cramped overtime. WWE has been booking quite quite a bit of like a flash girls’s suits currently and it be becoming a inappropriate vogue. 

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    Jimmy and Jey Uso had been out for his or her brand personnel match with Mountainous E and McIntyre, however Paul Heyman changed into no longer in attendance. 

    We began with Jimmy and Mountainous E within the ring. The powerhouse dominated Uso earlier than he and McIntyre susceptible surely one of Fresh Day’s tricks with the Unicorn Stampede. 

    Jey tagged in however the present and feeble WWE champions had been in a chain to stay on offense. After they bought Mountainous E cornered, The Usos took turns stomping on him. 

    For the subsequent few minutes, Mountainous E changed into at the mercy of The Usos. He nearly made a comeback however a uncared for splash on the apron allowed Jimmy and Jey to ship him into the metal steps. We returned from a damage to gaze The Usos serene as a lot as the label. 

    McIntyre eventually bought the brand, however The Usos hit him with a double superkick for a finish two-count. The Scottish Warrior countered a Samoan plunge and hit a pair of neckbreakers on Jimmy. He known as for his finisher however Mountainous E tagged himself in as a alternative. 

    Jey nailed him with a pair of superkicks however Mountainous E changed into in a chain to kick out. McIntyre pulled Mountainous E out of the ring as he changed into making a quilt. They fought at ringside and McIntyre changed into busted initiating when Mountainous E slammed his head into the table. The ref counted Mountainous E out earlier than The Usos took them down with twin dives over the terminate rope. 

    After they bought the upper hand on Jey and Jimmy, McIntyre hit Mountainous E with a Claymore to whole the imprint standing great. 

    Grade: B-


    We already seen two pairs of companions who had been unable to coexist on this imprint, so seeing WWE make the identical facet with Mountainous E and McIntyre felt a cramped sluggish.

    All the pieces else in this match changed into giant. The Usos can raise any personnel to an correct match, however Mountainous E and McIntyre are talented, too, so it ended up being a competitive contest.

    McIntyre came out on top this week, so we might maybe per chance simply serene request Mountainous E to be taking a peep revenge earlier than they meet at Crown Jewel. 

    This imprint had some highlights however as a whole, it wasn’t that enormous. It had too many instant suits and a few outcomes that had been headscratchers. 

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