17 Times Movies Killed Off A Character That Ruined The Complete Movie For Of us

17 Times Movies Killed Off A Character That Ruined The Complete Movie For Of us

The moments that find you may perchance leave the theater.



Finnick from The Hunger Video games: Mockingjay — Fragment 2

Lionsgate Motion pictures

“Why did he deserve to die? He correct bought married. He didn’t deserve that death. The movie kinda bought listless for me after we lost him.”


“He was such an overwhelming character with an expansive arc and he had a wife AND goal a tiny one abet at home. He was constantly my favourite within the books and the flicks, and his death was pointless!”



Rachel in The Dark Knight

Warner Bros. Photos

“She was the character I felt most emotionally connected to, and you may perchance well perchance gaze how much she inspired and cared for the of us spherical her. No subject how many times I gaze the movie, it constantly rips me aside.”



Loki in Avengers: Infinity Battle


“It is a couple of of basically the most unfortunate, illogical writing within the total MCU. I’m now no longer even a Loki fangirl, it was correct hideous writing.”



Murky Widow in Avengers: Endgame


“The the rest of the movie was indubitably missing one thing. Especially within the scene with the total females characters, and the first lady of Shock wasn’t there.”



Tadashi in Tremendous Hero 6


“Except for Baymax, Tadashi was basically top-of-the-line assorted character that I loved, and it made me much less invested within the film.”



Donna in Mamma Mia! Right here We Traipse Again

In style Photos

“My pals took me to a order-along version and I didn’t know much about the plan, assorted than that it contained heaps of flashbacks. When the film reveals Donna is listless, I was mortified. Cried for elegant much the total film. As for singing along? They may perchance well perchance high-tail themselves.”



Invoice Murray in Zombieland

Sony Photos Releasing

“That visceral response was surprising and mute haunts me. I carried out looking out at and secure never viewed the ending. Who cares a couple of world without Invoice Murray?”



The cat in The Form of Water

Fox Searchlight Photos

“I wasn’t ready for it at all. I believed I was going to gaze a delusion romance but that scene was esteem one thing out of a awe movie. I almost lost my cat rapidly earlier than and that correct made it worse. It was esteem a swap flipped and I without prolong lost passion within the rest of the movie.”



Six in 6 Underground


“I watched the beginning keep of 6 Underground and lost passion without prolong after Dave Franco’s character died. It was so unexpected and brutal for such an expansive actor. Extinguish of a skill.”



Total Hux in Superstar Wars: The Upward thrust of Skywalker

Walt Disney Studios
Lunge Photos

“As rapidly as Hux died, I desired to race out. I knew it was coming, but I believed he’d find a much bigger legend arc than that. They did him so dirty.”



Kylo Ren/Ben Solo in Superstar Wars: The Upward thrust of Skywalker

Walt Disney Studios
Lunge Photos

“It occurs so discontinuance to the raze, then again it was so anticlimactic that it invalidated the sacrifices of the conventional trilogy characters. It correct felt esteem a value-efficient rehash of the raze of Return of the Jedi. I didn’t care how the rest of the movie ended at all after that.”



Mako Mori in Pacific Rim: Uprising

In style Photos

“I was so angry for the sequel because the conventional movie will not be most likely, and Mako was my favourite character. I was beyond mad once I chanced on out they killed her off in Uprising. As a minimum I chanced on out earlier than I in fact bought spherical to looking out on the movie, so I didn’t prove wasting my time.”



Rosie in Jojo Rabbit

Fox Searchlight Photos

“I had to leave and cry in mattress. I most effective gaze that movie up to earlier than he finds his mother listless, then I find up my secure ending.”



Mystique in Dark Phoenix

20th Century Fox

“I couldn’t care much less about the ending when they killed Mystique. That was now no longer the arrangement to abolish such an iconic character. Her death was mindless. She may perchance well perchance merely mute’ve died in a extra iconic arrangement. In its keep, it feels esteem it was wasted thanks to frightful storytelling.”



David Dunn in Glass

In style Photos


Duke in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Paramount Photos

“Channing Tatum played the protagonist in G.I. Joe: The Upward thrust of Cobra, and so they killed him off within the sequel to interchange him with The Rock.”



Howard in Uncut Gems


“I are conscious of it’s on the raze of the movie, but I had my fingers over my face for esteem 10 minutes after it. I will’t uncover if I care for this movie, or if the ending ruined the total ingredient.”


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