A search engine that favors textual direct material-heavy sites and punishes stylish web procedure


Don’t be scared to scroll down in the search outcomes,
unlike in various other search engines like google, reckoning on what you might well possibly also be having a uncover
for, you might well also gather basically the most straightforward ends in the middle of the itemizing.

Search outcomes need to now not exhaustive. That you just might eke out more outcomes
by tweaking your set a query to.

The hunt engine doesn’t exercise synonyms. If you procedure now not gather
anything with Duck, attempt Geese, Anatidae,
or Aquatic Rooster.

The hunt engine now has limited wait on
for sequences of words. "Judas Priest", as an illustration, will return
fewer outcomes relating to traitorous apostles than will inquiring after
Judas Priest.

Fresh! That you just might now uncover up dictionary definitions
for words. If you as an illustration procedure now not know what the definition of is is, you
can inquire of thus: define:is.

Fresh! Convenience functions had been added, and
the search engine can now assemble straightforward calculations and unit conversions.
Are attempting 1 pint in cubic centimeters, or 50+sqrt(pi).
This efficiency is quiet below vogue, be patient if it doesn’t work.

Consult with the Change Log for more info.

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