V-Cache will in the case of high-cease, Zen 3-essentially essentially essentially based Ryzen CPUs on the cease of the One year.

AMD's Lisa Su holds a prototype Ryzen with V-Cache


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AMD’s mic-tumble moment at Computex used to be the files of its carefully guarded “V-Cache” skills, which would enable chip stacking on Ryzen CPUs.

PCWorld interviewed AMD’s Sam Naffziger about V-Cache. We boiled down that conversation staunch into a baker’s dozen of key issues you wish to know. 

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The V-Cache within the CPU above sits above the prevailing CPU’s L3 cache. Extra silicon subsequent to it’s some distance extinct to stiffen the die and carry heat to the heat spreader.

What is V-Cache?

V-Cache makes exhaust of TSMC’s SoIC (Diagram on Integrated Chips) chip-stacking skills to add 64MB of SRAM L3 cache to the compute dies of existing Zen 3-essentially essentially essentially based Ryzen CPUs. That will on the general triple the amount of cache to an insane 192MB of L3 for the 12-core and 16-core variations of AMD’s CPUs.

V-Cache will in the case of Zen 3-essentially essentially essentially based Ryzen CPUs later this One year

There used to be a bit confusion as to which CPUs would catch V-Cache, and when, as AMD CEO Lisa Su held up a prototype Ryzen with the skills. The company has since confirmed that optimistic, V-Cache will in the case of high-cease, Zen 3-essentially essentially essentially based Ryzen CPUs on the cease of the One year.

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AMD previously extinct TSV (By-Silicon By) skills in its favorite Vega GPU’s HBM memory. As you would watch, it channels throughout the silicon itself to connect with the subsequent layer down.

How is V-Cache connected?

The particular particular person 64MB SRAM cache might be stacked on every compute die over the prevailing L3 cache and be connected the usage of a skills called By-Silicon By, which connects stacked chips the usage of a tunneling machine. This isn’t AMD’s first journey with TSV: The distinctive Vega GPU with its HBM memory additionally extinct TSV skills.

Latency shouldn’t be a peril

One hiss with the astronomical amount of L3 is latency, or lengthen, because the CPU fetches instructions or knowledge from the cache. AMD’s Naffziger stated that shouldn’t be a peril  with V-Cache, for the reason that TSV constructing offers a more remark path to the cache.

How rapidly will V-Cache be?

AMD is touting a jaw-shedding 2TBps and beyond of bandwidth for V-Cache. That’s insanely rapidly. As a comparison, Intel’s 2013-generation Core i7-4770R “Crystal Properly” chip, which featured an spectacular 128MB of eDRAM L4, provided about 100GBps of bandwidth on the time.

Can you stack more V-Cache on high of each other?

Although that will no longer happen with the principle Ryzen chips with V-Cache, there’s nothing that would discontinue the stacking of V-Cache.

Received’t V-Cache build it more sturdy to chill the CPU?

It will in all probability well maybe appear crazy to taking a sizzling CPU die and throw a silicon blanket over it, blocking off its contact with the thermal interface self-discipline matter and warmth spreader. AMD’s Naffziger stated that received’t be a peril, for the reason that true SRAM L3 sits on the prevailing L3 cache on the die. The true CPU cores that generate many of the heat might perhaps perhaps well maybe have a layer of silicon that will carry heat to the TIM and warmth spreader. 

Developers don’t must optimize for it

The V-Cache will feature in a seamless manner to functions and games, so builders don’t must scenario patches or tool updates to rob income of it. Fan the flames of a sport or app, and it’ll correct watch a ample ol’ bucket of 192MB of L3 cache.

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AMD stated a pair of 15 p.c bump used to be viewed from correct the V-Cache.

What is going to V-Cache build sooner?

AMD to this level has confirmed off very spectacular gains in gaming the usage of a ancient Ryzen against one with V-Cache locked at 4GHz. AMD confirmed gains from 4 p.c to 25 p.c correct from the extra L3 cache. That’s a pair of 15-p.c build on moderate, which the company stated is an unbiased like a complete generational CPU substitute.

Will V-Cache again build the leisure sail sooner?

To this level, AMD has declined to listing performance will increase in anything rather than gaming, nonetheless we suspect that’s because it’s saving that for later. Naffziger did voice you would glimpse at already printed stories of performance will increase from additional L3 cache. We  factor in V-Cache can also provide very true performance will increase searching on the utility, nonetheless we’ll must attend and watch sooner than we can voice for determined.

Will V-Cache work with existing AM4 motherboards?

AMD did no longer voice which motherboard sockets the principle V-Cache Ryzen CPUs will sail into, nonetheless we’re beautiful determined it’ll be the prevailing inventory of AM4 motherboards. That might perhaps perhaps well maybe be astronomical knowledge for upgraders who must eke out yet one more CPU on an existing machine. Naffziger stated the thickness from V-Cache received’t substitute the Z-high, or thickness, of the actual Ryzen CPU. That beautiful unparalleled says AMD has accomplished all it’s some distance going to to be determined that that V-Cache-essentially essentially essentially based Ryzen chips will work with the prevailing infrastructure of heat sinks and motherboards.

Samsung DDR5 registered module Samsung

DDR5 is on the way and guarantees unparalleled greater capability and a lot more and hundreds greater bandwidth too—and in all likelyhood—unparalleled greater preliminary costs too.

Does this imply Zen 4 might perhaps perhaps well near sooner?

Besides the V-Cache knowledge, AMD’s Lisa Su confirmed that the company’s Zen 4 cores might be essentially essentially essentially based on TSMC’s 5nm task, which is ready to be due sometime in 2022. These hoping to examine Zen 4 and its promise of DDR5 increase sooner might perhaps perhaps well feel let down, nonetheless memory transitions might perhaps perhaps well maybe be fraught with painful ticket hikes, too. If V-Cache on an existing Zen 3-essentially essentially essentially based platform can sail toe-to-toe with Intel’s CPUs, AMD can introduce Zen 4 with DDR5 when it’s way more realistic than it’s likely to be when the unusual RAM is first released.

How will V-Cache and Zen 3 Ryzen compare with Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake?

Here is largely the million-transistor interrogate we’ll face as we cease this One year out: Will Intel’s 10nm-essentially essentially essentially based “ample-dinky” kind in Alder Lake set it again in black against AMD’s Ryzen? If anybody tells you they know the solution, they’re lying. We’ll must attend till we watch Intel’s Alder Lake formulation and AMD’s V-Cache-essentially essentially essentially based Ryzen sooner than anybody can solution this interrogate.

When can I engage a Ryzen with V-Cache?

There are no laborious details on must you’ll be in a procedure to amass a CPU with V-Cache. About as cease we can catch is “manufacturing later this One year,” so we’d wager it’ll near sooner than the vacation browsing season begins.

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