Ariana Grande’s Positions Has A Tune For Every Temper

Ariana Grande’s Positions Has A Tune For Every Temper

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By Ashley Oken

Ariana Grande’s extremely anticipated sixth studio album, Positions, dropped as of late (October 30) and is elephantine of the empowering and relatable bops we anticipate from the pop princess. An R&B-influenced note-as a lot as her February 2019 album Thank U, Subsequent, Positions finds Grande confidently and fortuitously singing of therapeutic thru new like. Second song “34+35,” as an illustration, finds her candidly embracing her sexuality with her companion in a formulation she hadn’t in previous songs, whereas “Glaring” is a birthday celebration of how newfound, unexpected like will even be both liberating and comforting.

She first announced the new generation of song by skill of Twitter on October 14 by telling followers of an album begin on the end of the month, and she or he teased the LP till begin day by posting the tracklist, where collaborations with Doja Cat, The Weeknd, and Ty Dolla Signal would perhaps be seen. Grande additionally dropped the fierce feminist video for “Positions,” featuring outfits impressed by Hillary Clinton, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jackie Kennedy, every of them standing as a reminder that women will even be orderly, unparalleled, and intelligent. Now that it’s here, it’s obvious that Positions is a non-public album and that Ariana’s song is suited to soundtrack every moment of life.

If you’re wondering which note you would possibly additionally mute hear to in line along with your present temper, we broke it all down for you. You’ll want to thank us later.

  1. “Shut Up”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: love a boss

    Key lyric: “The formulation you be using your time / You be so afraid about mine”

    Penning this for her haters, Ariana presentations us all of the most attention-grabbing way to gracefully uncover our haters to quit it. This song will even be performed for anyone who speaks to you ahead of your morning espresso.

  2. “34+35”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: amorous

    Key lyric: “Are you able to end wide awake all night / Fuck me ‘til the daylight”

    Her most sexually drawl song to this point, Ariana makes no bones about trying intercourse with her beau your total time over a frisky backbeat. This song is a worthy bedroom tune for that Netflix and sit down back time along with your comprise companion — something she nods to by singing, “Looking out at motion photos, nevertheless we ain’t seeing a thing tonight.”

  3. “Motive” (toes. Doja Cat)

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: thoughtful

    Key lyric: “Sooner than I lead you on / Portray me what’s your motive”

    In this ‘90s-impressed collaboration, Grande wonders whether or no longer she’s racy too rapid with any person whereas Doja Cat wonders what this new like’s motivations are, confidently declaring that she wants a “dependable bona fide” and asking whether or no longer they “desire a trophy or must sport me, toddler.” This song will private you ever checking out that digital date twice more, reminding you to evaluate ahead of speeding a new relationship.

  4. “Correct Love Magic”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: confident

    Key lyric: “I receive the total lot I desire ‘reason I entice it”

    Grande manifests positivity and self self belief on this sweet song, which will have you with self belief ahead of nerve-wracking mountainous life occasions.

  5. “Off the Desk” (toes. The Weeknd)

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: heartbroken

    Key lyric: “Never idea you’d be so enthralling to interchange”

    With a “Admire Me More challenging” reference from The Weekend and the reliability of Grande’s crooning about going thru a breakup that she’s had to heal from, your total appropriate notes are hit here. This song speaks to feeling comparable to you’ll by no way discover like all but again after shedding it.

  6. “Six Thirty”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: now risky

    Key lyric: “Once I’m aged and stuck, will you mute private a crush?”

    Over an ethereal beat total with string flourishes, Grande wants her companion to end by her aspect because she would perhaps additionally “lose it” in a while. This song reminds all of us that we deserve like no topic our flaws.

  7. “Security Win” (toes. Ty Dolla Signal)

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: unprepared

    Key lyric: “I came to peace with my past / Now you bought me off note”

    This collaboration finds Grande tripping over her new like and reminds us that like will even be unexpected and therapeutic. To that end, Ty Dolla Signal delivers a potent recipe for reconciliation: “Wе hit that jewelry retailer and wе gon’ ball out / Usually we private some fallouts / Establish some ice on you, girl, let it thaw out.”

  8. “My Hair”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: generous

    Key lyric: “Generally don’t let of us touch it, nevertheless tonight you receive a circulate”

    Singing about letting her man touch her very illustrious hair, Grande relaxes the principles around her beau. This slinky, nocturnal, and a miniature jazzy song reinforces the need for others to quiz permission to touch any fragment — and the exhilaration that contains giving consent.

  9. “Tainted”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: fascinating

    Key lyric: “Boy, the vibes / Win what’s for your mind, bask in it dependable life”

    Sounding love a nastier model of “The Manner,” Grande doesn’t unnerved far off from looking to receive freaky with her companion. Whole with some ghostly whistle notes up front, this song reminds you that your relationship will even be fascinating, even in quarantine.

  10. “West Aspect”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: irresistible

    Key lyric: “I’m gonna be your new favorite”

    Grande sings of being all her like would perhaps additionally desire and giving him things to seem ahead to: “Portray ‘em you closing the door, I’m the fair for obvious” and “Let me protect it dependable. Correct let me be for your life love that.” This song reminds us that there are continuously things to seem ahead to in life.

  11. “Admire Language”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: loved

    Key lyric: “Been a minute since I had something so sweet”

    In this more broken-down model of “Honeymoon Avenue,” Grande sings of feeling loved physically and emotionally. As this peppy and retro song recognizes dependable like, Ari lets us all in on the most attention-grabbing way to inform on to her coronary heart.

  12. “Positions”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: empowered

    Key lyric: “Cooking in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom / I’m in the Olympics, formulation I’m runnin’ thru hoops”

    Grande has by no way been unnerved about her feminism, and this song (and its accompanying video, where she spends a lot of time in the Oval Place of job) is an ode to ladies occupying any location powerfully. Fierce and unparalleled, this song reminds us that women can break expectations and take care of any role with grace.

  13. “Glaring”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: blissfully in like

    Key lyric: “Never idea I’d mediate in like all but again”

    A reminder of how precious like is, this joyful note is totally a song that will even be performed at weddings. Grande presentations that unexpected like can if fact be told feel provoking, nevertheless it will show cloak to be fair what we wished.

  14. “POV”

    Hearken to it when you’re feeling: inclined

    Key lyric: “I wanna like me / The formulation you want me”

    Within the ideal closer, Grande sings of looking to undercover agent herself as her companion does. Singing, “All my baggage fading safely,” Grande presentations us that she’s therapeutic, growing, and looking to love herself along the formulation.

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