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A closer episode than its partner on this penultimate evening within the historical previous of Brooklyn Nine-Nine quiet disappoints a little, in half attributable to what it sets up in its first few scenes—Captain Holt is retiring, and Jake is determined for one final frigid case—but additionally on myth of it feels esteem the writers are roughly bringing this advanced season to a terminate in what would maybe well terminate up being a stunning shallow blueprint. But first, a groovy case! Yes, let’s enact that! Nine-9!

Sadly, what follows pushes a little too a lot toward O’Sullivan and wacky hijinks that feel dated and weaker than the mark deserves in its terminate speed. Yes, it’s a little funnier than the worst episodes of this season (and ends with a in actuality touching moment between Holt and Kevin, which the two characters deserve), but this final ship-off for “Peralta & Holt” doesn’t genuinely even live as a lot as its ability for one frigid final case, because it’s extra centered on inserting the items in deliver for the put Holt, Amy, and Jake will terminate up when Brooklyn Nine-Nine closes its doors next week.

Holt’s belief of a final frigid case sooner than retirement is the police reform proposal that Amy has been engaged on, in train that they have to preserve his news secret in train that she will be able to level of interest on exactly that. After a large time-soar from the opening scenes, the episode divides into two wacky conditions and a train renewal ceremony for Holt and Kevin.

Terry, Boyle, Jake, Amy, Rosa, and Scully gallop early to relieve blueprint up for the match, which sides prominent Cheddar motion (repeatedly welcome) and whimsically folded napkins. Jake spins off to win Holt, who is hiding on myth of he’s engaged on their particular occasion. He received an email regarding the file, and there’s a closed-door assembly that day in which the union is going to grunt they fudged their numbers. Holt is going to faux to be staring at porn as a replace of doing his job, on myth of that’s a better different to Kevin. Gasp! Anyone modified the numbers! O’Sullivan hacked into the system and fabricated numbers. Amy would never enact that. She loves numbers!

A case! Jake is going to speak that O’Sullivan hacked into the system. Holt and Jake realizing to interrupt into his basement and gain the notebook computer whereas O’Sullivan is lured away by a Billy Joel superfan named Geronimo Rodriguez, who will genuinely be Terry Jeffords, the resident Billy Joel fan on myth of he lip-synced to “Uptown Girl” one time. Santiago and Terry will preserve him busy long sufficient to gain a fingerprint to unlock his notebook computer. But who will doubtless be on Cheddar accountability? Rosa suggests a bone, but Cheddar is not some boulevard rat! Andre Braugher deftly sells the comedic rigidity of the largest day being maybe destroyed, as he repeatedly does; despite your total hiccups this final season, Braugher has been a exact reminder of the mark at its most animated.

Jake desires Holt to gallop undercover as Maxwell Maxwell, but the captain reminds him of the hazard of the usage of films to handbook police work (except said film is The World of Mosses, a documentary about exactly what it sounds esteem), in train that they’ll as a replace be gasoline workers named Mitch and Henry. Yawn. Within the intervening time, Amy and Geronimo, sorry, Terry gallop undercover, and Jeffords drops the news that Holt is retiring, which each and every and as soon as in a while makes his protégé catatonic. She’s gotta conceal whereas Terry does the undercover work.

“Mitch” and “Henry” gallop to O’Sullivan’s home, the put Holt is forced to as soon as in a while seduce the union chief’s mom in a set of stunning unfunny, un-Holt-esteem scenes. As Amy spirals out whereas Terry tries to gain O’Sullivan’s fingerprint with usual “We Didn’t Initiate the Fireplace” lyrics, Mrs. O’Sullivan pulls a gun on “Maxwell Maxwell”! Holt retains trying to seduce the extinct lady, on the opposite hand it backfires, trapping them within the basement. They cut lend a hand the landline so she will be able to’t gain a preserve of her son whereas Cheddar indulges in minute (particular event) at the ceremony. Luxuriate in the road, “He’s a canine, not a supervillain” about Cheddar. He’s a large-canine, Rosa.

Terry scrambles to gain the fingerprint as he’s forced to hear to Amy monologue about her anguish over Holt’s retirement. Terry yells a little about having an identification wrapped up in a single person—Amy in Holt, O’Sullivan in Billy Joel. Definite, provocative, even though it feels esteem a terribly shallow technique to bring Amy’s adore and admire for Holt to a terminate.

Bear in mind that, as with every issues Nine-Nine, the missions attain the terminate, and every thing comes lend a hand to the ceremony, which lets in for some soft moments between Kevin and Holt, alongside with the reminder that his name is Kevin Cozner (even though he’s maybe never seen a movie starring his terminate to-namesake). Holt had stress-free being Maxwell Maxwell, and quiet made it lend a hand in time to verify his adore for Kevin. That scene in O’Sullivan’s basement with him being unsafe about whether or not or not to retire feels a little meta, pondering the conversations the mark’s writers will need to have had about coming lend a hand after the events of 2020. They can also not have “devoted their whole life to this” esteem Holt, but everyone right here has been invested for nearly a decade. Most doubtless the most telling line regarding that call is Kevin’s final one at some stage within the ceremony: “We genuinely have to gallop!”

There’s one extra arena that wants to be put on the desk sooner than the finale: Amy’s police reform proposal. Is the mark genuinely going to whole with Amy solving police corruption, getting promoted to chief, and the 9-9 saving the day for police officers across NYC as Holt turns into the Deputy Commissioner of Police Reform? That feels too shallow for the disorders at play on this season’s very existence, even though the writing not too long ago makes it feel very ability. If Amy is going to “form a exact affect,” there better be a counterpoint that reflects how exhausting that is to enact within the actual world. She does mark that she’s going to wrestle to be an equal father or mother within the final scene, in conjunction with to the hypothesis that Jake is going to gallop away the force, maybe even turning into a halt-at-home dad. We can know next week.

• Boyle’s joke about Lieutenant Peanut Butter being vengeful is a mountainous reference to the historical previous of the mark. The final season can also quiet have had extra Easter eggs esteem those for the fans quiet committed to the officers of the 9-9.

• Holt purges a marital tax code to have room to be conscious his train ceremony forever. It’s a mountainous beat for the character on myth of Braugher sells it as something Holt believes is steady and even romantic.

Additionally adore that Holt doesn’t difficulty to be taught the names of youth, even Jake’s.

• It’s nearly over! What enact you would favor from the finale? Can it set this rocky season?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Recap: The Prolonged Goodbye