Chinese college students battle aid against visa rejections

Chinese college students battle aid against visa rejections


The United States has been ramping up efforts to provide protection to its high technology, and one fragment of that map entails barring sure Chinese graduate college students from studying within the nation. Historical President Donald Trump issued a proclamation that blocks visas to Chinese graduate college students and postgraduate researchers with ties to an entity in China “that implements or helps China’s ‘navy-civil fusion map.'” The policy has been persisted below President Joe Biden. Even if the U.S. authorities contends this affects easiest a minute preference of faculty students, one survey suggests it can have an label on 3000 to 5000 of the roughly 19,000 Chinese college students who delivery graduate ideas every person year. A community of Chinese college students who’ve had visas denied or revoked and supporters are waging a public relatives advertising and marketing campaign and thinking about a lawsuit to have the presidential proclamation reversed.

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