COVID Instruct of Play; The Vaccine Dash; ‘Sick-Fitting Scrubs’

COVID Instruct of Play; The Vaccine Dash; ‘Sick-Fitting Scrubs’

  • In phrases of coronavirus, “we all desire a silver-bullet cure,” Dhruv Khullar writes. However that just isn’t probably. Khullar evaluations where we are now in our COVID battle and what we can learn from old pandemics ~ The Instruct of the Fight In opposition to COVID-19 (The Current Yorker)
  • “Correct because the quiz ‘Does the vaccine work?’ doesn’t possess a straightforward yes/no acknowledge, neither does the quiz ‘Is the vaccine safe sufficient?'” Jerry Avorn, MD, and Aaron Kesselheim, MD, JD, MPH, highlight the mounting stress to possess a coronavirus vaccine amid concerns that speeding the evaluation process “would possibly maybe dispute a most famous public successfully being misstep” ~ Regulatory Resolution-making on COVID-19 Vaccines Throughout a Public Well being Emergency (JAMA)
  • Finding a middle that would possibly maybe take a look at childhood for coronavirus is surprisingly hard. Sarah Kliff and Margot Sanger-Katz explore the barriers of us are facing in getting their young of us screened for COVID-19 ~ It be No longer Easy to Win a Coronavirus Test for a Youngster (The Current York Times)
  • Why are some free coronavirus assessments not indubitably free? Sarah Kliff digs into the surprise funds that insured and uninsured patients are receiving after getting a take a look at ~ Why Coronavirus Tests Attain With Shock Bills (The Current York Times)
  • COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes proceed to be a relate. Rachel M. Werner, MD, PhD, and colleagues focus on about the crisis in nursing homes and steps to repair it ~ Prolonged-Term Care Coverage after Covid-19 — Fixing the Nursing Dwelling Disaster (Current England Journal of Medication)
  • Joshua R. Lakin, MD, and colleagues have in thoughts a particular approach of drawing come the doctor-affected person relationship which will crimson meat up verbal exchange and education ~ Time Out Sooner than Speaking: Verbal exchange as a Clinical Blueprint (Annals of Internal Medication)
  • “Day after day, I armor myself in ill-becoming scrubs and an N95, walk previous the customary remnants of give a enhance to, and confront the ravages of a virulent illness that is right here to raze, no topic how hard we strive to disregard it,” writes Bernard E. Trappey, MD, reflecting on his time on the frontlines and frustrations facing of us who behave as though the pandemic is over ~ Working on Fumes (JAMA)

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