Fortnite leak unearths 2 unusual Kevin-themed skins coming soon

Fortnite leak unearths 2 unusual Kevin-themed skins coming soon


Kevin the Cube will be returning to Fortnite, this time within the invent of a skin, leaked by facts miners within the v15.20 update.


4 hours within the past


Per Fortnite leaks, Myth are engaged on two skins that carry Kevin the Cube to life

Sooner than essentially the most standard Fortnitemares occasion, facts miners stumbled on a file that connected to an upcoming skin. This skin became known as “Cherish Kevin,” and had gamers inflamed for what became to achieve support. Some even instantaneous that the skin may well presumably be free for the occasion.

Effectively, Fortnitemares came and went with out a unusual Kevin skin. After that, most other folks forgot about Cherish Kevin.

That became till the v15.20 update, the put the previously-leaked Kevin skin bought an update. Alongside with that became a brand unusual Kevin-themed skin that we hadn’t viewed talked about before.

Keep in mind him? KevinCouture has been updated with a “DigiRunes” field matter in 15.20.

Interestingly enough, there is also a piece-in-progress contrail for an upcoming skin known as “CubeNinja”.

Two “Cube-y” skins to procure obsessed with👀

— Mang0e – Fortnite Dataminer (@Mang0e_) January 13, 2021

The initial leak came alongside a leaked jetpack, which we assumed had something to achieve with Tony Stark. It wasn’t till Season 5 launched that we realized that this became in actuality The Mandalorian’s Jetpack.

It appears to be like esteem Cherish Kevin and his unusual accomplice will follow a same course – leaked a entire season before their eventual free up. There’s even a wager that these skins could be the Season 5 secret skin, despite the indisputable truth that that’s an extended-shot.

We’ll decide on to wait and tag what turns into of Cherish Kevin, but it no doubt’s factual to grasp that Myth haven’t forgotten about him.

It’s procure to decide on that Cherish Kevin and his leaked counterpart will enter Season 5 at some level. As continuously, we’ll lend a hand you posted when we study more.


After over a year of fan requests, Myth procure added a ‘disable pre-edit’ risk to Fortnite. Here’s the put yow will detect it.


1 hour within the past


January 13, 2021

In v15.20, Myth Video games added a extraordinary-requested setting to Fortnite: ‘disable pre-edits.’ Here’s how it works and decide it.

Within the spoil, after years of Reddit threads, Twitter posts, and legitimate gamers begging, Myth added a ‘disable pre-edit’ setting to Fortnite.

Here’s the entire lot you presumably can procure gotten to grasp in regards to the unusual setting, including how it works and the put to search out it.

What does ‘pre-improving’ mean?

Pre-improving refers back to the skill to edit a constructing before placing it. The most in vogue use of pre-edits at some stage in Fortnite history became a cone/ramp edit when controller gamers had to use Fight Pro.

Now, nonetheless, only about a gamers use pre-edits. As a replacement, pre-edits provide a predicament, as they’re nearly continuously performed by mistake. After all, there are accrued some area of interest functions for pre-edits, but most gamers principal Myth to add an risk to disable these edits.

The plot in which to disable pre-edits

You may well presumably well procure the unusual risk under the settings tab (cog wheel) within the open up menu. Scroll all of the manner down to the “Building” section, and moreover you’ll see four alternatives. One in all them is the unusual “Disable Pre-Edit Chance.”

Ought to you switch this off, you’ll no longer be ready to edit structures before placing them – factual news for the bulk of the Fortnite neighborhood.

If can procure taken Myth years to finally add this risk, but it no doubt’s finally here. Next close, an FoV slider!

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Myth Video games procure rolled out Fortnite patch v15.20, with a entire host of modifications.


11 hours within the past


January 13, 2021

Fortnite v15.20 update pistols

Myth Video games procure rolled out Fortnite patch v15.20, with a entire host of modifications. Whereas official patch notes are arduous to achieve support by for the time being, we’ve rounded up the total unusual utter.

The previous couple of weeks in Fortnite procure went by with out many mountainous tweaks to the gameplay journey, and positively a lack of as much as date skins and cosmetics compared with times handed by.

Nonetheless, a entire host of unusual outfits procure been leaked and that’s correct the tip of the iceberg for this weekly update. A weird Predator crossover has also been uncovered by dataminers, which manner Predator may well presumably soon come in-recreation – with a brand unusual ship, banner, and spray leaked.

These are, for certain, unconfirmed modifications despite the indisputable truth that, so let’s decide a seek at the entire lot we’re constructive of.

Fortnite predator
A Predator crossover has been leaked for Fortnite. Credit: Myth Video games.

Fortnite v15.20 patch notes

Hop Rock Dualies

A weird location of dual pistols procure arrived in Fortnite, as viewed under in a tweet from VastBlast.

Fresh & Unvaulted weapons/items

There’s four unusual weapons and items coming into the loot pool (neatly, unvaulted as neatly) – viewed under. This became also confirmed by VastBlast.

  • Legendary Tactical Assault Rifle
  • Rare Tactical Assault Rifle (All Rarities)
  • Lever Creep Shotgun
  • Irregular Snowy Flopper

Firstly, the leaker thought this Sawed Shotgun became going to be headed solely for Set the World, but it no doubt’s since been confirmed to be section of the update.

Pre-edit modifications

Some modifications procure been made to the Pre-Edits Chance. Now, with ‘Disable Pre-Edits On,’ all participant-built structures can’t be edited till they’re placed.

Fortnite v15.20 worm fixes and modifications

Per the official Fortnite Trello board, here’s the total worm fixes and modifications to be implemented in essentially the most modern patch.


  • Sound attain audio prolong.
  • Flip Rest Foyer Be aware inadvertently eliminated from gamers’ Lockers.
  • Multipoint Edge Glider deforming midair.
  • Michonne Outfit visible considerations with cape Relief Blings.

Battle Royale

  • Sport freezing when going to the Full tab on PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Sand Tunnelling temporarily disabled.
  • Full Bars acting as “0” in a match.
  • Hypernova Outfit acting as a varied Outfit within the Foyer and in-match.
  • Rebooted gamers may well presumably see an already performed Bounty.

Set the World

  • Quest progress no longer straight away updating within the HUD and Quest Log.
  • Broken Pickaxe animations.

Cell High Disorders

  • Inform chat considerations on Android.
  • The participant loses all high-tail after jumping thru Zero Level.

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11 hours within the past


January 13, 2021

Fortnite predator

Fortnite has been including a series of hunters since The Mandalorian first landed on the island, and it looks esteem Predator will be next – if leaks are correct.

The game has viewed some insane crossovers within the closing year or two, including these from the DC Comics, Marvel and Huge name Wars universes.

Effectively, next on that list will be one of the most deadliest extraterrestrial attackers.

On January 13, following the v15.20 update, dataminer Lucas7Yoshi printed a brand unusual ‘Nightmare Ship’ leak for Fortnite.

As you may well presumably furthermore see, here is the ship of Predator, from the movie series that started in 1987.

Fortnite Predator ship, spray & banner leaked

No longer handiest that, but VastBlast has doubled down on that with a brand unusual spray leak, which clearly shows Predator is on the map in some shape or invent.

Per the appearance of Mando in his Huge name Wars ship, we are able to likely quiz to see Predator join the action soon as a boss on the draw – correct esteem other NPCs which procure been added all the plot thru the season.

When we now procure more facts, we’ll salvage constructive to withhold you updated.

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