Lady Charged with Felony Embezzlement for No longer Returning 1999 VHS Condo

Lady Charged with Felony Embezzlement for No longer Returning 1999 VHS Condo

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Whenever you happen to ever forgot to come aid a Blockbuster rental (or swapped it with a tape you didn’t care about), then that you might per chance well be a wanted felon. Whereas attempting to change her driver’s license, Caron McBride discovered that she had a felony embezzlement designate for no longer returning a tape over two a few years within the past.

First reported by OKC-FOX, ragged Oklahoma resident Caron McBride needed to name the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Set apart of job to kind out an “discipline” sooner than updating her license. The attorney’s place of job told her that, because of the she didn’t return a 1999 Sabrina the Teenage Witch rental, she became once charged with felony embezzlement and had a warrant on her head.

I had lived with a young man, this became once over 20 years within the past. He had two early life, daughters that had been 8, 10 or 11 years broken-down, and I’m thinking he went and purchased it and didn’t bag it aid or something. I have now not watched that display in my whole existence, honest no longer my cup of tea. Meanwhile, I’m a wanted felon for a VHS tape.

Nonetheless Caron wasn’t the one who rented Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It became once presumably rented by a roommate who forgot to come aid it. She became once no longer notified of the value or warrant, which employers likely noticed for the length of background tests. Caron says that she’s been randomly dismissed from a few jobs, likely attributable to the felony embezzlement designate.

The alternate that Caron “rented” the tape from closed in 2008, nonetheless Cleveland County might per chance per chance well aloof prosecute Caron if they wanted to. Fortunately, the district attorney’s place of job dismissed the costs.

Offer: OKC-FOX via Insider

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