Loki episode 2 recap: Marvel’s God of Mischief goes on the hunt for himself

Loki episode 2 recap: Marvel’s God of Mischief goes on the hunt for himself


Loki has a stressful teamup with Hunter B-15.

Marvel Studios

The 2d episode of Loki’s self-titled solo traipse hit Disney Plus on Wednesday, selecting up with the God of Mischief after his introduction to the awesome energy of the Time Variance Authority. The Marvel Cinematic Universe display takes stutter after the liked villain’s 2012 self made his atomize out in Avengers: Endgame.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) chanced on that one more model of him is wreaking havoc across the Sacred Timeline by killing TVA brokers and gathering the reset costs they employ to retain the honest sprint of time. Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) recruits him to hunt the variant, reasoning that he can give them insight into the various Loki’s devious concept.

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Time to hunt a timeline fugitive in SPOILER territory, in an episode entitled “The Variant.”

Marvel Studios

Girl Loki

After indispensable teasing because the various Loki variant took over one physique after one more, the episode ends with the revelation that the fugitive is female (British actor Sophia Di Martino). That’ll absolutely form it more straightforward to stutter the Lokis aside, even despite the indisputable truth that the male one looks to be beside the point to the female one’s plans.

MCU Lady Loki

The Loki variant waves goodbye to her counterpart.

Marvel Studios

“This is never always essentially about you,” she tells him.

Girl Loki vanishes staunch into a time portal — presumably discovering a certain apocalypse to mask in — and her male counterpart follows after a moment of indecision, indispensable to the chagrin of Mobius and the various TVA brokers. The portal remained originate merely lengthy enough for Loki to leap in, suggesting Girl Loki needs to proceed their chat (the likelihood of them having a fat scene together is trim thrilling).


The Mistress of Mischief has a comedian e book e book precedent.

Marvel Comics

Within the comics, the Asgardians had been reborn on Earth after Ragnarok, and Loki took on a female keep because of his Frost Big heritage. She claimed to have reformed, but used to be essentially up to no merely because of Loki gonna Loki no topic what their gender.

Loki’s gender is additionally marked as “fluid” in his TVA file, suggesting he can exchange at will. So Girl Loki doubtlessly doesn’t have a fully assorted history to the male one.

MCU Girl Loki is kinda presented because the baddy, but the Time-Keepers are somewhat indispensable ruling truth with an iron fist by asserting the Sacred Timeline and deciding the fates of every being in existence. Possibly she’s made up our minds to fight advantage? The usage of Bonnie Tyler’s 1984 classic Holding Out for a Hero as she takes down the TVA brokers looks fancy a most principal clue.

Oddly, right here is the 2d time this tune has been feeble in Marvel – it used to be within the Square Enix Guardians of the Galaxy sport’s E3 display on Sunday. Outside Marvel, it additionally played at some stage in Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe trailer final week.

Multiverse reborn

Girl Loki “bombs the Sacred Timeline” by sending limitless stolen reset costs advantage to heaps of facets, it sounds as if developing hundreds of branches or restoring branches the TVA previously reset. This looks fancy it might per chance per chance per chance tie straight away into Doctor Extra special within the Multiverse of Madness and role up assorted ingredients of the MCU’s Phase 4, because it creates limitless storytelling skill. Reports recommend it might per chance per chance per chance play into Spider-Man: No System Residence as effectively.

I shock which of them are the various What If realities, the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man universes or the Fox X-Men worlds?


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Discovering out of Ragnarok

Going throughout the files on his Sacred Timeline self, Loki learns of Asgard’s destruction in Thor: Ragnarok. An complete of 9,719 Asgardians had been killed, but the file doesn’t display that a bunch of them escaped to Earth (even despite the indisputable truth that half of of those survivors had been slain by Thanos and his goons). 

Though it prompts Loki’s realization that his counterpart is “hiding in apocalypses,” he looks in truth saddened to peep that his dwelling used to be destroyed. Between discovering that, his adoptive of us’ deaths, his reconciliation with Thor and daring loss of life at Thanos’ hands, it looks fancy he’s developing into the personality his Sacred Timeline self turned. Or he’ll reject that and shuffle his receive system.

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Both system, it doubtlessly additionally made him even more positive to overthrow the tyranny of the Time-Keepers and exchange his destiny.

The most easy good TVA agent

We learn that Mobius has by no system met the Time-Keepers, so he’s spent his life doing the bidding of unseen beings. It looks most likely they’re no longer what he thinks they’re, and that he’ll discontinue up joining the Lokis in rebelling against them.

His fascination with jet skis is telling — he’s ready to leap around the timeline, but hasn’t been ready to hop on one among the leisure watercraft. To your complete energy he wields, he’s aloof toddle by the Time-Keepers’ guidelines.

“I ponder a TVA agent exhibiting up on a jet ski on the Sacred Timeline, that might per chance per chance create a branch obviously,” he says, but he acknowledges sadly that it might per chance per chance per chance be “essentially fun” to are attempting one out (can verify).

Sad Mobius and Loki

Mobius speaks wistfully about jet skis.

Marvel Studios

This man had better salvage to lope a jet ski earlier than the sequence is finished, or there might be no longer any justice within the MCU.

Over all another time, he’s the most attention-grabbing TVA agent who reveals any compassion for the doomed other folks the brokers stumble on on the timeline — his co-workers seem fancy rough, dismissive jerks (presumably reflecting the Time-Keepers’ attitudes). Mobius’ decency additionally looks to have rubbed off on Loki, who checks to peep if the folk enchanted by his counterpart are aloof alive.

Observations, WTF questions and Easter eggs

  • Years visited: 1985, 79 AD, 2050.
  • We peep a bunch of Loki variants in Mobius’ hologram, including a Tour de France-winning bicycle owner, a Hellboy-model model (or is he gamma radiation-infused?), a Baphomet-looking man and one in armor rather fancy that feeble by Kurgan in Highlander.
  • The Roxxcart retailer is presumably an offshoot of Roxxon, the ruthless oil corporation generally considered within the background of the MCU movies and more prominently in reveals fancy Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter and Conceal & Dagger.
  • Given Loki’s detailed explanations of phantasm projection and duplication casting, he’s doubtlessly going to make employ of as a minimum one at some stage within the display’s speed.
  • The pen Mobius makes employ of to signal the bureaucracy in Ravona’s stutter of enterprise says “Franklin D Roosevelt High College,” but or no longer it is unclear what this means. The assorted trophies he mentions are a roller skate and a snow globe.
  • Or no longer it is doable the TVA brokers will most likely be ready to reset about a of the timeline branches and restore the Sacred Timeline to about a extent, but it certain looks fancy there had been too many to address.

Be half of us for more Easter eggs and observations next Wednesday, June 23, when episode 3 of Loki hits Disney Plus.

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