Monitoring the rapidly tempo of a chickening out ice sheet

Monitoring the rapidly tempo of a chickening out ice sheet


Glaciers and ice sheets that prolonged from land into the ocean left traces within the aid of on the seafloor known as submarine glacial landforms. If mapped in ample detail and interpreted accurately, they’ll provide comprehensive files into previous behaviors of glaciers and ice sheets. On page 1020 of this field, Dowdeswell et al. (1) describe the mapping of glacial landforms within the seafloor created by a with out discover chickening out ice sheet on the jap Antarctic Peninsula. The excessive-decision files counsel that the retreat charge modified into once paced by ocean tides and no longer lower than an reveal of magnitude sooner than up-to-the-minute charges noticed in diverse peaceable areas, corresponding to West Antarctica where the ice sheet drains into the ocean at quite so much of locations (2). The retreat on the jap Antarctic Peninsula took situation more than 10,000 years ago, stating the challenges in predicting the sea-level upward thrust contribution from chickening out glaciers and ice sheets in a warming native climate.

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