NASA Mars helicopter nails 12th flight, scouts forward for Perseverance rover

NASA Mars helicopter nails 12th flight, scouts forward for Perseverance rover


Ingenuity snaps a characterize of its shadow as it flies over South Séítah.


NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has done the dozen. No longer state material to just correct conceal it may maybe maybe presumably well circulate on Mars, the chopper is now making itself a treasured contributor on the red planet, serving to the rover Perseverance in its mission to hunt down indicators of feeble microbial lifestyles. Rising 32toes above the skin of Mars on Sunday evening, the chopper performed flight 12 in 169 seconds. Nice!

The chopper flew over a save of living known as “South Seitah,” an predicament that’s dwelling to boulders and rocky outcrops of passion to the Perseverance rover team. NASA’s JPL known as the save of living a “geological wonder.”

“Flying over Seitah South carries colossal possibility thanks to the diversified terrain,” Ingenuity team lead Teddy Tzanetos wrote in a save of living replace forward of the flight on Sunday. The helicopter’s navigation scheme became as soon as designed to work with relatively flat terrain, so making sense out of rougher landscapes can be a yelp. The rotorcraft has urge into some technical difficulties, but survived them all up to now. 

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“When we rep to accept the dangers connected to this form of flight, it is thanks to the correspondingly excessive rewards,” Tzanetos mentioned Sunday. “Though-provoking that we occupy the chance to support the Perseverance team with science planning by providing odd aerial pictures is the full motivation necessary.”  

The hazards of flight 12 were without complications managed by Ingenuity, which hasn’t stopped delivering file flights since it first took to the air aid on April 20.   

This characterize reveals the route of the Perseverance rover in gray and the Ingenuity helicopter in inexperienced as it goals to gain a occupy a look at South Seitah for its 12th flight.


Ingenuity’s mission has been all about risks and rewards. It became as soon as an unknown whether the helicopter would even work on Mars. 

It no longer most fascinating works, but is additionally now showing how an aerial automobile can act as a treasured scout for a ground-essentially essentially based fully rover. Flight 12, in particular, need to aloof conceal extraordinarily treasured for the Perseverance team. Scouting forward and examining for doubtlessly unpleasant or fascinating terrain makes for a essential extra environment pleasant — and protected — rover walk. Supreme ponder the full further science that may maybe be done need to you are no longer losing time attempting to hunt down out which formulation you may maybe aloof roll your rover!

Perseverance is predicted to fulfill up with Ingenuity in the arriving days and NASA’s scientists will look the photos to hunt down out which rocks they needs to be examining next. Extra flights for Ingenuity occupy no longer yet been detailed by NASA but its next sojourn, quantity 13, will probably subject the superstitious. 

Nonetheless going by its first dozen flights, there doesn’t seem too essential to terror about.

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