Paternoster Eradicate

Paternoster Eradicate


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Paternoster elevator in The Hague, when it used to be aloof in operation

A paternoster (, , or ) or paternoster safe is a passenger elevator which consists of a chain of initiate compartments (each and each generally designed for 2 persons) that rush in a loop up and down internal a building with out stopping. Passengers can step on or off at any ground they be pleased. The the same methodology will be historical for filing cupboards to store resplendent portions of (paper) documents or for minute spare facets.[1] The considerable smaller belt manlift which consists of an never-ending belt with steps and rungs but no compartments will be once in a whereas known as a paternoster.

The title paternoster (“Our Father”, the first two phrases of the Lord’s Prayer in Latin) used to be before all the things applied to the instrument since the elevator is in the invent of a loop and is thus the same to rosary beads historical as an attend in reciting prayers.[2]

The building of most modern paternosters used to be stopped in the mid-1970s out of danger for security, but public sentiment has kept various the rest examples initiate.[3] By a long way most remaining paternosters are in Europe, with 230 examples in Germany, and 68 in the Czech Republic. Most efficient three non-public been identified exterior Europe: one in Malaysia, one in Sri Lanka, and any other in Peru.[4][5]


Peter Ellis installed the first elevators that will perchance perchance also perhaps be described as paternoster lifts in Oriel Chambers in Liverpool in 1868.[6] One more used to be historical in 1876 to movement parcels at the Traditional Post Place of abode of enterprise in London. In 1877, British engineer Peter Hart obtained a patent on the first paternoster.[7] In 1884, the engineering company of J & E Hall of Dartford, Kent, installed its first “Cyclic Elevator”, using Hart’s patent, in a London space of job block.[8]

The newly constructed Dovenhof in Hamburg used to be inaugurated in 1886. The prototype of the Hamburg space of job constructions outfitted with doubtlessly the most modern technology also had a paternoster. This major machine exterior of Monumental Britain already had the technology that would later change into frequent, but used to be aloof pushed by steam vitality be pleased the English programs.[9][circular reference]

The excellent paternoster safe on the earth used to be positioned in Stuttgart in the 16-ground Tagblatt tower, which used to be carried out in 1927.[9][circular reference]

Paternosters had been in style during the first half of the 20th century because they would possibly perhaps perchance perchance carry extra passengers than novel elevators. They had been extra frequent in continental Europe, particularly in public constructions, than in the United Kingdom. They’re rather gradual elevators, in overall travelling at about 30 cm per 2d (approx. 1 ft per 2d), to facilitate getting on and off.[10]


Paternoster elevators are intended excellent for transporting folk. Accidents non-public occurred when they’ve been misused for transporting paunchy items, equivalent to ladders or library trolleys.[11] The probability fervent is estimated as 30 cases elevated than archaic elevators. A handbook of the Union of Technical Inspection Associations said that Germany saw an moderate of one death per year before 2002, at which level many paternosters had been made inaccessible to the frequent public.[11]

The building of most modern paternosters is now not allowed in many countries[which?] this capability that of the excessive probability of accident for folk that can now not utilize them smartly. In 2012, an 81-year-vulnerable man used to be killed when he fell into the shaft of a paternoster in the Dutch city of The Hague.[12] Aged folk, disabled folk, and children are most susceptible.[13]

In September 1975, the paternoster in Newcastle College‘s Claremont Tower used to be taken out of provider after a passenger used to be killed when a automotive left its recordsdata rail at the head of its rush and compelled the 2 vehicles ascending behind it into the winding room above.[14] In October 1988 a 2d, non-fatal accident occurred in the the same safe.[15] A archaic safe changed it in 1989–1990.

In West Germany, new paternoster installations had been banned in 1974, and in 1994 there used to be an are attempting to terminate down all existing installations.[7] On the replace hand, there used to be a wave of in style resistance to the ban, and to a the same strive in 2015.[7][16] As of 2015, Germany has 231 paternosters.[7]

In April 2006, Hitachi launched plans for a novel paternoster-style elevator with computer-controlled vehicles and frequent elevator doorways to alleviate issues of security.[17][18] A prototype used to be published as of February 2013.[19] In 2009, Solon bought special permission to set a mark new paternoster in its Berlin headquarters.[20]

Surviving examples[edit]

Many paternoster lifts non-public been shut down, but there are surviving examples aloof in utilize: [21]


  • In Vienna, the Rathaus (city hall), the Ringturm (headquarters of the Vienna Insurance coverage Neighborhood), and an space of job building at Trattnerhof 2 terminate to Stephansplatz non-public the closing three running and continually historical paternosters in the city. The college also had one or extra.
  • In Klagenfurt, the Headquarters of the energy company Kelag aloof non-public one paternoster active for day to day utilize.


  • A paternoster safe dating from 1958 survives in Avenue Fonsny 47, Brussels, a for the time being disused space of job building forming section of Midi/Zuid railway dwelling.[22]
  • On the Huis van de Vlaamse Volksvertegenwoordigers (Dwelling of Flemish Representatives), previously the Postcheque Constructing, at Leuvenseweg/Rue de Louvain 86, the paternoster is operational but now not historical.

Czech Republic[edit]

  • Prague Metropolis Hall has an early 20th century paternoster renovated in 2017.[23]
  • In Prague, Czech Technical College – College of electrotechnical engineering at Technická 2, Dejvice
  • In Prague, Charles College – College of Law
  • In Prague, Ministry of Transport (Czech Republic) head space of job
  • In Prague, Lucerna Palace (terminate to the southeast entrance)
  • In Brno, Brno Technical College – College of mechanical engineering at Technická 2896/2.
  • In Most, Commercial centrum, tř. Budovatelů 2957
  • In the places of work of Czech Post at Brno railway dwelling, (returned to utilize in 2013, after being out of provider for six years)[24]
  • In Jablonec nad Nisou, city hall inbuilt 1933


  • In the Christiansborg Palace where the Danish parliament resides
  • At vognmagergade 8. On the present time the building is historical by KVUC – Københavns voksenuddannelsescenter (Copenhagens adult-training center)
  • In the corporate space of job building Axelborg, positioned in central Copenhagen
  • In Frederiksberg Metropolis Hall
  • In the 11-myth major administrative building at Danfoss headquarters on the island of Als


The next areas non-public paternosters:

  • In Turku, Metropolis hall in Yliopistonkatu 27
  • In Helsinki, in the gap of job building at Hämeentie 19
  • In Helsinki, at Eduskunta, the parliament of Finland at Mannerheimintie 30, accessible to the handbook participants of parliament excellent
  • In Helsinki, in Stockmann, Helsinki centre at Aleksanterinkatu 52, accessible to team excellent


  • In Kiel, the Tell Parliament building for the order of Schleswig-Holstein has had a working paternoster since 1950.[25]
  • In Berlin, the places of work of the formerly communist newspaper Neues Deutschland non-public a working paternoster (as of 2020), whereas those of the conservative tabloid Bild non-public a 19-storey paternoster[7] that is aloof in utilize but now not initiate to the public.[26] The Rathaus Schöneberg, collectively with scenes with its paternoster elevator, had been historical to movie the TV series Babylon Berlin.[27]
  • In the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin any other paternoster is in utilize.
  • Berlin’s Flughafen Tempelhof through a minimal of 1967 (when it shared an identity as Tempelhof Air Spoiled) had a minimal of 1 totally-purposeful paternoster in the tower on the left shatter (as seen from the Luftbrückeplatz) of the quarter-round pre-WW2 building.
  • In Hamburg, the building at 25 Deichstraße, Speicherstadt, has an working paternoster, the Bezirksamt at Grindelberg 62–66 in Eimsbüttel also has a working Paternoster.
  • In Cologne, the building at Hansaring 97 has a working and in-utilize paternoster.
  • In Frankfurt, the historical IG Farben Constructing has running and continually historical paternosters.
  • In Jena, a paternoster is in utilize at the headquarters of Jenapharm.
  • In Kassel, a paternoster is aloof in utilize at the headquarters of Wintershall Dea


  • In Jahn Ferenc clinical institution in Budapest.
  • In Miskolc, the College of Miskolc, has a working and in-utilize paternoster.
  • In the central space of job of Nationwide Tax and Responsibility Administration Budapest.
  • In the headquarters of BKV Budapesti Közlekedési Zrt. in Budapest. (working in 2020)


In the Netherlands, seven paternoster lifts would possibly well perchance also perhaps be show shroud in 2012, about a of which non-public been aloof operational:

  • In the historical Ziggo building at Spaarneplein 2, Den Haag: now not in utilize. (Stork Hijsch 1922, conversion 1976 Starlift, spoil repair 1999 Schindler.) On 13 April 2012, a fatal accident occurred when an 81-year-vulnerable man used to be trapped between the safe and the wall.[28]
  • On the Dudokhuis, Tata Steel Europe in Ijmuiden: shut down in 1999. (Eggers Kehrhan, 1957):
  • In the HaKa building (the vulnerable head space of job of the Coöperatieve Groothandelsvereniging ‘de Handelskamer’) on the Vierhavenstraat in Rotterdam. This 1936 Hensen-Schindler safe has been operational again since the tip of 2011, though the building is empty. For security reasons, the safe can excellent be visited with the building supervisor. The safe can even be build into operation for parties on inquire.
  • In the historical tax space of job on Puntegaalstraat in Rotterdam; it’s build into operation for the duration of Heritage Days, but would possibly well perchance also now not be historical. To place in pressure this, gates non-public been constructed accurate throughout the entrances. (Backer and Rueb Breda, 1948, conversion December 1975 by De Reus BV.)
  • In the historical post space of job on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam: disused.
  • Two examples in the Scheepvaarthuis (now Monumental Resort Amrâth Amsterdam) in Amsterdam: working, can even be historical on inquire. (Roux Combaluzier, 1928.)
  • In the vulnerable faculty building on the Mauritskade in Amsterdam: whether or now not the elevator is aloof working is unknown.




  • In Bratislava there are a minimal of 5 working paternosters: Ministry of Transport and Constructing, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Pattern and headquarters of Railways of the Slovak Republic,[29]
  • In Košice, Technical College of Košice operates paternoster in the major building known as L9 since 1972. There’s any other paternoster in an administrative building of U.S.Steel Košice, metal manufacturing company in Košice.


Madrid Headquarter building. This facility involves garage for the legitimate vehicles, places of work and hardware.

Sri Lanka[edit]


  • In Sweden there would possibly be a minimal of one purposeful Paternoster safe at HSB-huset, Kungsholmen, Stockholm

United Kingdom[edit]

  • The Arts Tower at the College of Sheffield[30] has a paternoster, which is associated to be the excellent in Europe. It has 38 two-particular person vehicles and serves 22 storeys. A rush between two floor takes 13 seconds.[31]
  • On 8 December 2017 it used to be launched that the paternoster in the Attenborough tower at the College of Leicester which used to be constructed in 1968–70 would be taken out of provider as maintenance had change into too pricey. This used to be duly build into quit rapidly afterwards.[32][33][34][35]
  • In the unhurried 1990s a paternoster used to be aloof in utilize in a building on King Facet motorway, Manchester occupied by a branch of the Natwest monetary institution.[citation needed]
  • Agenda 2020 – The Albert Sloman Library at the College of Essex on the Colchester campus has a working paternoster.[36]
  • Birmingham Polytechnic (now Metropolis of Birmingham College) had a paternoster in the 1970s, however the building closed in 2018.
  • Birmingham Dental School.
  • On the College of Birmingham, both the major library and the Muirhead Tower had paternosters. The library used to be demolished in 2017, and changed with a new library. The paternoster in the Muirhead Tower used to be closed for decades sooner than a main refurbishment added two new lifts.
  • Northwick Park Clinical institution in Harrow, North West London (section of the London North West College Healthcare NHS Belief) has the closing working paternoster in London.[37] It had been out of price for decades until July 2020, when it used to be reopened for team utilize.[38]
  • London School of Economics The Clare Market Constructing had a Paternoster until it used to be demolished in 2015[39]
  • A paternoster featured in the Co-op’s six-storey Fairfax Dwelling department store, in Bristol’s Broadmead looking out centre. The store opened in March 1962 and used to be demolished in 1988.
  • Newcastle College‘s Claremont Tower paternoster had a fatal accident in September 1975 after a automotive left its recordsdata rail at the head of its rush and compelled the 2 vehicles ascending behind it into the winding room above.[14] One more accident in 1988 resulted in its subsequent closure and casting off.
  • College of Salford had a tower block that had a paternoster safe. The building has been demolished.[40]

United States[edit]

  • The parking garage at 450 Sutter in San Francisco, California has a instrument the same to a paternoster known as a “Humphrey manlift”. It has minute platforms the garage staff stand on to shuttle between floor of the garage, but no enclosed cabins.[citation needed]

In in style tradition[edit]

The paternoster safe at Amsterdam police headquarters in Marnixstraat is continually seen in the Thames Television tv detective series Van der Valk, shot between 1972 and 1992.


  • See from internal a working paternoster. Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus, Berlin

  • See from internal a paternoster in Berlin, showing ground slab

  • Of us using a Paternoster in Finland

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