We are proud to shriek Pyston v2.2, the most up-to-date version of our faster implementation of the Python programming language. This version is tremendously faster than previous ones, and importantly is now open offer.


Pyston v2.2 is 30% faster than stock Python on our internet server benchmarks. That is a indispensable development over our previous performance, and if we were feeling cheeky, we would promote it as “50% more speedup.”

The foundational technology powering Pyston v2.2 is an identical as that found in earlier variations, but we glean tuned and optimized more areas and positioned additional speedups, in particular in our JIT and attribute cache mechanisms.

One mighty replace is that we determined to put off quite quite a bit of the no longer regularly ever-used debugging factors that Python supports because they’re costly even when no longer wanted. Doing so collectively resulted in a 2% speedup, which used to be mighty to us: of the entire computers on this planet running Python, 2% of them are executing debugging tests. We’ve disabled these tests and are positioning ourselves as an “optimized form” equivalent to binaries with out debugging files. Those who restful need debugging factors can employ the “debug form” of stock Python because they’re interchangeable. For a beefy list of the factors we eliminated in Pyston v2.2, please leer our wiki.

Open offer

As we’ve persevered talking to possible potentialities we now feel convinced that Pyston can thrive on an open-offer alternate mannequin, basically by initiating with give a get to services. This model that we’ve open sourced Pyston v2.2, which you’re going to fetch at our GitHub here.

We’ve archived our outdated school repository to diminish confusion, but that you can restful fetch that here.

We are having a stare into which of our latest changes would possibly presumably even be upstreamed to CPython. Within the future of this assignment, we welcome your contributions. Abet with getting Pyston packaged for additional platforms would be in particular precious.

Bright forward

We proceed to try and hang Pyston as compelling and simple to employ as possible. Working Pyston into your tasks would possibly presumably per chance per chance restful be as easy as changing “python” with “pyston.” If that’s no longer the case, we’d decide on to listen to about it on our GitHub issues tracker or on our Discord channel. We hope you’ll give Pyston a try and leer that it in actuality is the perfect intention to tempo up your Python code.