Python Wheels Crosses 90%

What are wheels?

Wheels are the brand new approved of Python distribution and are supposed to interchange eggs. Pink meat up is equipped in pip >= 1.4 and setuptools >= 0.8.

Advantages of wheels

  1. Sooner installation for pure Python and native C extension functions.
  2. Avoids arbitrary code execution for installation. (Avoids
  3. Set up of a C extension doesn’t require a compiler on Linux, Windows or macOS.
  4. Enables greater caching for sorting out and continuous integration.
  5. Creates .pyc facts as phase of installation to be determined they match the Python interpreter pale.
  6. Extra constant installs all over platforms and machines.

What’s that this checklist?

This dwelling exhibits the high 360 most-downloaded functions on PyPI showing which had been uploaded as wheel archives.

  • Green functions offer wheels,
  • White functions don’t like any wheel archives uploaded (yet!).

Programs which may perchance additionally perchance be identified to be deprecated are now now not included. (As an illustration distribute). If your kit is incorrectly listed, please form a mark.

This pale to showcase the all-time most-downloaded functions. The all-time checklist is no longer accessible, and the functions in the last-365-days checklist will exchange to reveal more carefully what the Python team is the utilize of.

Right here is now now not the professional online page material for wheels, right a nice visible intention to measure adoption. To seek the authoritative handbook on wheels and other aspects of Python packaging, ogle the Python Packaging Individual Handbook.

My kit is white. What can I cease?

Pure Python

At the same time as you occur to like a pure Python kit that’s now now not the utilize of 2to3 for Python 3 give a decide to, you like bought it easy. Blueprint determined Wheel is establish in…

pip set up wheel

…and in the occasion you’d on the total trot python sdist, trot in its build python sdist bdist_wheel. For a more in-depth clarification, ogle this handbook on sharing your labor of like.

Gift: If your project is Python 2 and 3 like minded you may perchance perchance form a popular wheel distribution. Invent a file known as setup.cfg with the next inform material and add your kit.

popular = 1

Warning: If your project has now now not compulsory C extensions, it is instructed now to now not submit a popular wheel, due to pip will decide the wheel over a source installation.

Gift: To consist of your project’s license file in the wheel distribution, specify the license_files key in the [metadata] piece. This helps note many open source licenses that require the license textual inform material to be included in every distributable artifact of the project. This option requires wheel 0.32 or more contemporary.

license_files = LICENSE

C extensions

PyPI currently enables importing platform-explicit wheels for Windows, macOS and Linux. It’s precious to form wheels for these platforms, because it avoids the want for your customers to bring together the kit when installing.

You may perchance favor to like ranking entry to to the platform you may perchance perchance also perchance be building for.

Something’s mistaken with this page!

Unbelievable, a affirm came upon is a affirm mounted. Please form a mark!

That you just may perchance furthermore submit a pull-demand.

Gift: Requests for behavioural adjustments in the packaging tools themselves needs to be directed to distutils-sig and the Python Packaging Authority.


Thanks to the Python 3 Wall of Superpowers for the concept that and making their code open source, Donald Stufft for his abet on IRC, James Turnbull for the intro replica, and George Hickman for pointing me in the honest direction as popular.

Thanks furthermore to the many contributors. requires javascript to be enabled to mark the checklist of functions.

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