Rock-bouncer defies gravity to climb grime wall

Rock-bouncer defies gravity to climb grime wall


Right here’s a video of a rock-bouncer hiking what appears to be like to be a vertical grime wall. Seemingly it is the angle of the digicam, but it literally appears to be like adore no automotive wants so as to transfer up with out breaking no longer lower than about a regulations of physics.

Chums and rock racers got collectively over a weekend to ‘play round’ of their bouncers (adore monster trucks but manner cooler) and work out any problems that the buggies would possibly want. Rock bouncing is a slay of racing but coming up hills that are subsequent to not doubtless to climb but these guys attain it. They compete in different races over the southern US for cash, trophies and bragging rights.

A rock-bouncer is a vogue of issues I didn’t even know existed and now I cannot reside with out. Describing it as “adore monster trucks but manner cooler” used to be enticing ample, but seeing it power up a vertical wall proper made my 8-365 days-former self pee himself. Oh, no, that used to be my nowadays-self. I peed mysef.

Back going for the stout video.

(by technique of ViralHog)

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