Are likely to be now not you le drained from writing Rust applications in English? Invent you admire pronouncing
“merde” loads? Would it is advisable to perchance purchase a seek at something various, in an uncommon and
humorous-sounding language? Would it is advisable to perchance wish to elevate some French contact to your

rouille (French for Rust) is here to keep your day, because it capacity that you just can
write Rust applications in French, utilizing French key phrases, French feature names,
French idioms.

This has been designed to be extinct as the legit programming language to
construct the longer term French sovereign running arrangement. Will possess to it is advisable to perhaps presumably perhaps very properly be from the French
authorities: I shall be waiting on your donations on

You need to presumably perhaps also very properly be from Quebec and don’t undoubtedly feel at ease utilizing easiest French phrases? Invent no longer fear!
French Rust is entirely well suited with English-Rust, so it is advisable to perhaps presumably perhaps mix every at your

Right here’s an instance of what shall be achieved with Rouille:

struct and impl (aka convention et réalisation)

.vers()) } } } }

Toughen for regional languages

fonction secondaire() {
    merde!("oh non"); // for the true French skills
    calisse!("tabernacle"); // for traffic speaking fr-ca
    oups!("fetchez la vache"); // in SFW contexts

Varied examples

Search the examples to receive a tough sense of the full
syntax. Voilà, that’s it.

les contributions

To start with, merci beaucoup for eager on taking half to this shaggy dog legend, the
French authorities will thank you later! Truly be at liberty to throw in about a identifiers
here and there, and birth a pull-request in opposition to the principale (French for
most necessary) branch.

Please don’t introduce yell phrases, though: we can’t excuse your French.

but why would you manufacture zat

  • horsin around
  • taking half in with raw proc macros
  • making somewhat fun about programming languages that manufacture this critically,
    though I will gape their utility.
  • winking at Marcel
  • c’est stylish

un gargantuan merci

la license


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