RPG Solid – Episode 521: “Upsell You to Unlimited Meows”

RPG Solid – Episode 521: “Upsell You to Unlimited Meows”


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  1. Yes, I’d comparatively complete any and each game I originate. I don’t play many games that I abhor ample or develop disinterested ample to end sooner than finishing them. I additionally don’t fancy leaving things unfinished customarily.

    Having mentioned that, I quiet haven’t performed Remaining Tale Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, so…

  2. I’d plan end to remind occasional World of Warcraft avid gamers (at the side of Chris) that the WoW anniversary occasion entails three mounts. Whilst you omit the occasion, these mounts will seemingly turn into both very unlikely to operate, or very dear to grab on the Shaded Market Public sale Condominium. The Deathwing mount discussed on the podcast is comparatively straightforward to assemble. The diversified two mounts are a wolf (for Horde) and a ram (for Alliance) from taking part within the special Alterac Valley PvP occasion.

    The PvP occasion has been in an instant hotfixed, in insist that the final phrase solution to get the mounts is to invent a quantity of Alterac dailies over the course of several days. The correct records is that finishing the grind on one personality of both faction will get both mounts.

    QotW: I invent basically feel the wish to achieve games that I use higher than 1-2 hours taking part in. Having a peek up the game’s ending on YouTube doesn’t count.

    No matter, or perchance thanks to this trait, I end taking part in a long way too many games after an hour or two. Assuredly I’ll shelve them and examine out them all over again later, presumably years later.

    I musty to basically feel the wish to get 100% completion on games, but no longer anymore. Utterly obvious games deserve 100% completion – simplest the uncommon, special games which will most definitely be so appropriate one doesn’t are making an are attempting to end taking part in till there’s actually nothing left to invent.

    Even when a game is magnificent, if 100% completion requires one thing uninteresting (example: accumulating 900 Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild) or abhorrent (example: laying siege to harmless cities or questing for an irascible artifact weapon in Puzzle Quest) then it’s quiet no longer fee it.

  3. Throughout the last year I’ve finally compiled an inventory of every RPG I’ve ever played. It’s ~130 games total that I’ve rolled credits on and fewer than 10 that I’ve no longer done, and even most of these will seemingly be done somewhat soon. I basically bear a wish to roll credits on most anything I originate except it’s fully no longer fee my time, one thing that very generally ever happens.

  4. QOTW: I *inventbasically feel guilty as soon as I don’t attain a game I originate. After I became younger, and had more disposable free time, I became completely a 100% completionist. Now, I’m vivid happy if I’m lucky ample to basically gather to roll credits. I basically bear “higher than a handful” of games sitting on my shelf ethical now which will most definitely be simplest in part done or barely started and I basically feel a quantity of guilt having spent that money and no longer performed them.

  5. QotW: I are inclined to basically feel compelled to achieve nearly every game I originate. I are inclined to appear at out to invent every thing as successfully, every aspect quest, attempting for hidden objects, and heaps others, but if I haven’t purchased every thing by the time I roll credits, I’ll name it a day. Put up-game notify material I’ll invent if I’m basically into the game or it supplies a useful addendum to the principle account (eg Dragon Quest VIII on both counts), but you might perchance presumably presumably well ignore Unique Sport+.

    Does gaming bring out OCD, or became it always there? Both diagram, the truth I are making an are attempting to achieve games sooner than initiating one other is no longer useful for backlog functions…

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