RPGCast – Episode 483: “Agent Squeaker”

RPGCast – Episode 483: “Agent Squeaker”



The podcast goes pretty potty-mouthed as Chris complains about waiting for his Christmas reward, Anna Marie complains about exhausting video games, and we focus on the mess that’s Fallout 76 (and its collector’s edition). What a irregular two weeks!

Inquire of the Week

Attain you consume things that attain in Collector’s Editions?

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7 Responses

  1. Spend? I don’t even rep collector’s editions ever. No longer even for video games I basically need. Pre-ordering and paying full tag for a game are the highest compliments I’ll pay a game. I’m now not coughing up additional for worthless junk that’s beautiful going to absorb condominium in my residence.

  2. I enjoy taking a judge about the artbooks that attain with collector’s editions, but that’s now not sufficient to interpret shopping them anymore. They’re beautiful too pricey.

    Now, the highest “collector’s editions” I rep are the Digital Deluxe versions of World of Warcraft expansions, which fee an additional $20 but have the special in-game mount and pet. I terminate consume the WoW mounts after they seem from the “summon random accepted mount” in-game operate, and I consume the pets in pet battles.

    • Yeah, I outmoded to head with them for that, but after I terminate need an artbook I’d rather stagger with the dedicated ones that are veritably necessary extra ample for now not that necessary extra tag-sensible. The essential thing for me now with collector’s editions is whether or now not they attain with both the total soundtrack or something that I will in finding consume out of (controller, per chance a shirt or something fancy that).

  3. Collector’s editions are basically rare for me. On the total restricted to the sequence that I care the most about (Trails, Valkyria) and in most cases then simplest if there is something precious I need with soundtracks being the principle enticer.

  4. Whereas I don’t in finding collector’s editions too veritably, I terminate in finding some consume out of the objects within. Some posters in finding build up, I hearken to the soundtrack CD now not lower than as soon as before ripping it, and detect through any artbooks. Whereas now not fragment of a collector’s edition, I outmoded to make consume of a Palkia stylus I bought with preordering Pokemon Diamond and Pearl till the Pokemon broke off the damage. I silent have the holder with it and Dialga on dispute. I moreover preserve many things silent in the containers themselves, fancy these pins that came with Fire Emblem Echoes’ CE.

  5. AFAIK Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate Elite are rather necessary the identical through overall lisp material. There are some things that are changed, but its a combination of things eliminated and added along with including the total animation stuff — I judge nearly about the total animation is taken from the sequence so I don’t judge there’s necessary “fresh” on that entrance. As Josh acknowledged, the true visual contemporary spends hundreds of time focusing on the side characters with stuff that needed to be lower from the anime so it would possibly fit correct into a sequence.

    As Josh acknowledged, Steins;Gate 0 is a yelp continuation of certainly one of many injurious ends (veritably the “last” injurious lead to the game), Anna wasn’t rather honest in what she acknowledged but attempting to level what it does train is a huge spoiler so I’ll let her discover when she plays it 🙂

  6. The last three LEs I offered all were ones with soundtrack CDs, so I made digital copies of the songs to positioned on my mobile phone. That’s about the extent of my consume of them.

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