RPGCast – Episode 485: “The Christmas Zone Treaty”

RPGCast – Episode 485: “The Christmas Zone Treaty”



Pleased Holidays! We wrap up the final podcast of the year asserting it’s OK for Anna Marie to play informal video games, despite the undeniable fact that Chris disagrees. While Josh and Kelley are making Serene Year’s resolutions, Chris additionally disagrees about what needs to be a short yarn. We’ll note everyone in 2019!

Quiz of the Week

What are your gaming targets of 2019?

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6 Responses

  1. My 2019 targets are to beat a Tales game and sucker any individual into giving me a Meltan and Melmetal so I can hang a fleshy residing Pokedex earlier than the Swap Pokémon later this year.

  2. It would perhaps presumably be nice if I’d truly fabricate a dent in my gaming backlog in 2019. I wouldn’t opt to lift one other game till 2030 if I performed via the total video games I truly hang waiting.

    Topping the checklist of “I make a choice to acquire round to this in 2019” are a quantity of Persona video games, including the total dancing video games, Persona Q, the authentic Persona for PSP (Snow Queen Quest), Persona 2 Innocent Sin for PSP, and Persona 2 Eternal Punishment for PSP.

    I did at final obtain round to the Persona combating video games in 2018 – P4 Arena, P4 Arena Ultimax, and Blaze Blue Horrible Imprint. They’re all visible novels with the occasional fight.

    The Arena video games had first price storytelling. BBTag doubtlessly wasn’t value it exact for the Persona characters since its yarn was as soon as non-cannon fluff and nonsense, but it was as soon as humorous at instances.

  3. Great admire this year’s gaming targets, I make a choice to play and beat extra video games. I *would perhaps presumablybe ready to beat one or two extra earlier than January, but appropriate now I’ve overwhelmed the same quantity of video games in 2018 as I did in 2017.

  4. Model of hoping Persona 5 Transportable hits the Swap in 2019 but, assuming it doesn’t, I’m going to grime off my PSP and play via P3P and Trails in the Sky. Also opt to polish off DQ4, and most seemingly DQ5 too. Plus some unique video games…

  5. My goal for 2019 is said to my goal for 2018: Beget no game (besides perhaps Monster Hunter World Iceborne), and exact play what’s in the backlog.

    As with 2018, I’ll doubtlessly enact well for the first half of of the year, after which fail spectacularly.

    There are about a video games that I truly hang tagged as ‘excessive priority’ in the backlog (which I know is a lifeless part to enact, but hiya, I was as soon as at work and bored out of my strategies), and I’m hoping I can obtain via about a of those. High priority targets are Persona 5, Nier: Automata, the first Mass Stay, and a bunch of shorter video games admire Baby of Light and Bastion.

  6. My gaming goal for 2019 is to play the ideal CRPG of all time: Final Story VI.

    *ducks to steer sure of Chris’ fury*


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