RPGCast – Episode 507: “Are You Even A Gamer?”

RPGCast – Episode 507: “Are You Even A Gamer?”


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  1. The Wii U distinctive Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is in my backlog, and I did attempt it for an hour once. I completed taking part in because it *requiresthe Wii U gamepad (the Wii U knowledgeable controller won’t work!) and I abominate the Wii U gamepad. It’s substantial, it’s awkward, and it’s very tough to exercise when gaming on an exercycle.

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions reminded me very strongly of Persona, and I opinion to present it yet every other attempt someday. TMS and Shatter Final it will seemingly be the closest I come to taking part in any Fireplace Logo game, because I don’t love technique RPGs in fashioned.

    I’m going to gaze Sage of Dragoon via to the tip, no longer pretty for JRPG July, but also because I am if truth be told playing it in spite of its flaws. To this level, its worst flaw appears to be lengthy load times.

    For Motion RPG August, I’m planning to play Sage of Zelda: Skyward Sword. That game’s story allegedly has some connections to Breath of the Wild, and I’d love to catch Skyward Sword earlier than Breath of the Wild 2 comes out.

  2. QOTW: If I needed to grade myself on JRPG July, I’d appreciate to present myself a C-/D+. I gave myself three alternate choices, catch Octopath, originate Xenoblade 2 Torna, or originate Lost Sphear, and I did none of them. Any and all free time has long previous into FFXIV. If I’m no longer live streaming the story and facet quests on my Twitch channel, I’m grinding tools for my Dragoon, leveling low degree lessons all to Lv 50 to consolidate my armory inventory and one plot or the opposite dump in truth used/low degree tools, or grinding stages in Red Made, White Mage, and Darkish Knight so I’m capable of appreciate as a minimum one class of every role at Lv 80 at some demonstrate catch the unique Feature Quests introduced in Shadowbringers. And no topic all this time I’ve been pumping into Shadowbringers I composed haven’t crushed the 5.0 story, thanks to my ranking self imposed restriction to merely growth story when live streaming the sport. 😅 I’m a base JRPG gamer this year.

    • Oh! And as an additional demonstrate:



  3. QotW: I completed up dipping my toe into Trails in the Sky FC for JRPGJuly – and I am having a ball. Mountainous characters, fun story, highly delectable (if pretty of slack) struggle machine and it’s in truth pretty good going assist to my used-college PSP for pretty – it’s so primary lighter than a Switch…

    Playing about an hour a day, I’m someplace finish to the originate of Chapter 3 in the sport, which I whine puts me at about the 60% designate. That makes me unlikely to catch it by the tip of the month, but optimistically I’m capable of as a minimum reach the closing chapter. For me, that’s value just a few C+ for achievement, but a B for effort. The game will get as a minimum an A-.

  4. In Final Delusion X, I didn’t arrange to beat Penance because I purchased it in my head to catch 99999 HP, that plot beating one publish game boss about 9002 times to catch adequate HP spheres. If I ever catch this all every other time, it’ll be on PC for causes which Chris will savor.

    i also played the Oninaki demo, which indubitably goes locations.

    By the time you read this I’ll appreciate kicked off in Three Homes with Female Byleth and Edelgard.

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