Samsung Debuts an 8TB User SSD in Its New 870 QVO Lineup

Samsung Debuts an 8TB User SSD in Its New 870 QVO Lineup

A photo of Samsung's new 870 QVO drive.

Samsung correct unveiled its 2nd-generation quad-stage true-scream drive, the 870 QVO SATA SSD. It devices a sleek fashioned for particular person SATA SSDs, with 560/530 MBps Learn/Write speeds, exceptionally excessive patience rates, and a maximum storage configuration of 8TB.

The 870 QVO lineup utilizes quad-stage storage and a SATA 6 interface to connect costs down. That’s why Samsung’s sleek 870 QVO 1TB drive exclusively costs $130, and its 2TB and 4TB devices retail for $250 and $500, respectively. But Samsung’s resolution to promote an 8TB particular person-stage SSD is barely odd as a result of even with some imprint-cutting measures, it’s laborious to push an 8TB SSD down to an affordable imprint.

A photo of the 4TB 870 QVO SSD.

Samsung plans to start its 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB 870 QVO drives on June 30th, which is why we already know the costs. However the company hasn’t equipped a start date or imprint for its 8TB SSD. All we know is that earlier this month, a Tom’s Hardware leak suggested that the then-rumored 8TB QVO SSD could presumably retail at $900. That will presumably invent Samsung’s QVO one of many most charge-efficient 8TB SSDs on hand at the present time, even even supposing it’s detached fair about four instances the value of an 8TB HDD.

For that reason, you’ll fill to detached presumably steer clear of Samsung’s 8TB SSD (or any excessive-means SSD, for that topic). They’re niche products that, even whereas you’re a hardcore gamer, aren’t value the money. You’d be higher off the usage of a sooner, smaller NVME SSD to power your OS and utility, and an economical HDD to connect your entire files.

Unruffled, you’ll fill to detached attach an observe on Samsung’s QVO SSD lineup. Like OLEDs, excessive-means SSDs are positive to dip in imprint over the next few years, and Samsung is already chuffed working with the technology. Who knows, your subsequent PC assemble could presumably speed on a single excessive-means Samsung SSD.

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