Serene stinging ant species might per chance possibly well trigger complications for Kentuckians

Serene stinging ant species might per chance possibly well trigger complications for Kentuckians

New stinging ant species could cause problems for Kentuckians
Asian needle ants possess a highly efficient sting, nevertheless UK entomologists support folks no longer to alarm if they uncover them. Credit: Jessica Louque, Smithers Viscient,

University of Kentucky entomologists favor folks to be attentive to a brand contemporary stinging pest in the verbalize, the Asian needle ant.

Not too long previously, Asian ants invaded a residence in south central Kentucky and stung the residence proprietor. Right here’s one in every of the verbalize’s first reports of the ants coming indoors. The insect has been in Kentucky since at least 2013 and in the U.S. since the 1930s. It’s realized throughout the verbalize, nevertheless tends to protect outdoors, preying on other ants and termites. Treasure other bugs who are residing primarily outdoors, they’re most active in the course of warmer months with populations declining as the weather gets cooler.

Fortuitously, Asian needle ants form no longer are inclined to be aggressive and only after they feel threatened. On the opposite hand, the probabilities of an person getting stung considerably expand when the Asian needle ant moves indoors.

“Their sting is painful, and folks file that they possess a paired with a pins-and-needles feeling for a pair of weeks after being stung,” acknowledged Jonathan Larson, extension entomologist with the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Setting. “Most folk form no longer must see if they’re stung by an Asian needle ant, except they possess a identified hypersensitive response to other insect stings, equivalent to from a bee or a wasp. The literature means that the venom from this ant will be extra risky than bee and wasp stings.”

Asian needle ants peep equivalent to other ant species, nevertheless UK entomologists train the insect has some distinguishing aspects.

“This ant has a well-organized stinger on the cease of its belly, which is forever seen to the ,” acknowledged Zachary DeVries, UK assistant professor of urban entomology. “The Asian needle ant is about twice as long as the odorous residence ant nevertheless considerably smaller than wood employee ants.”

Not mighty recordsdata is readily available on efficient Asian needle ant regulate, nevertheless DeVries encourages those who uncover the ants to no longer alarm.

“Physically laying aside ants from the residence the utilize of a might per chance possibly per chance support prevent stings and present immediate regulate, nevertheless given this ant’s skill to bring a run sting, it will be worth contacting a licensed pest regulate company if ants are realized,” he acknowledged.

If other folks watch the ants outdoors, they’ll utilize granular baits and aim their and other areas with high ant stammer.

Kentuckians can originate their residence much less moving to on the total by sealing up cracks and crevices, retaining their grass mowed, removing standing water areas and laying aside uninteresting bushes from their property.

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UK entomologists support those who judge they possess encountered an Asian needle ant to put up a sample to their native office of the UK Cooperative Extension Carrier for identification: href=”

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