The Closing of Us 2 Collectibles Files Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1

The Closing of Us 2 Collectibles Files Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1

This allotment of The Closing of Us Segment Two e-book comprises all collectible areas in Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 – Capitol Hill. This comprises all Artifacts, Trading Cards, and Journal Entries. Have in mind that you just furthermore mght can revisit any chapter piece to replay an direct and net lacking objects by returning to the significant menu and choosing a chapter whilst you possess accomplished it.

The Gate Collectibles Overview

Take into consideration the sections underneath to find a collectible in the picture they’re chanced on.

  • Artifacts: 7
  • Trading Cards: 6
  • Workbenches: 2
  • Safes: 1

Artifact – Chevy’s Apology

Head to the pool in the dwelling complex direct, apt underneath the faculty you left. Sight for a dart of blood on the flooring inaugurate air the pool and be conscious it to dwelling #6. Accelerate upstairs and take a look at the mattress room down the hall. On the mattress, you’ll procure a voice. Protect in mind there are two bedrooms upstairs.

Fast Gun Holster Inform

Reckoning on in case you chanced on the gun holster in the Downtown direct, it is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps perhaps procure a short gun holster on this same room. If it does no longer seem right here, it is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps must wait except the next chapter to search out it.

Trading Card – Kinnard, E.SQ

Enter Condominium #3 (in the direct advance the pool). On the left of the couch is a facet table with a trading card internal – Kinnard, E.SQ

Trading Card – Rockefeller

Located on the Capitol Inn Motel, Room 3 is locked from the inaugurate air, but you furthermore mght can head into the alley on the left to search out an inaugurate window into the motel room, and in case you peep advance the door, the trading card has fallen out of a tipped over trash can

Artifact – Raul’s Olive Branch

Next to the Capitol Inn Motel, you furthermore mght can procure a immense green moveable dumpster to the right. Circulation it across the curb and put of abode it in entrance of a balcony of a nearby dwelling to climb up and search the interior. Inside of the dwelling, you furthermore mght can procure precious objects (including dietary supplements in the john and scrap in the laundry room) and an artifact in the drawer to the left of the fridge known as Raul’s Olive Branch. .

Trap Mine Recipe Inform

Within the same dwelling, recede to the mattress room and procure a Trap Mine to free up the Trap Mine Recipe.

Workbench Inform – Gasoline Space

It is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps perhaps procure a workbench in the Gasoline Space off to the some distance left of the direct that’s swarming with WLF Troopers (extra will seem ought to you attain the Gasoline Space. Lure the nearby Contaminated in the e-book shop across the avenue into enticing the WLF for you, and then neat up the survivors. Head at some level of the gas field’s storage store to search out a workbench in the corner, and search the direct for added gives.

Trading Card – Doctor Stem

Within the e-book shop across the avenue from the gas field, inaugurate the door leading into a small hallway (and the bogs). Flip left and approach the epic player between two comfortable chairs.

Coaching Manual Stealth

Within the diversified room in the e-book shop (the coffee home piece), take a look at the table with the form author on it for one more practicing manual to free up a fresh ability line.

Artifact – Rebecca’s Tip Off

Within the same room as the practicing manual, approach the sink by the coffee machines. There, you’ll procure one more artifact in the carry out of a voice.

Trading Card – Sergeant Frost

Check with the Olive Avenue Market food market positioned down the hill from the gas field (pudgy of infected, and patrolled by WLF Troopers). It is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps perhaps also starting up up your assault from above, utilizing molotov cocktails and much off shots to take grasp of out quite a lot of the infected. As soon as internal, take a look at the lockers in the back. There, you’ll procure a trading card. Guarantee to loot the store for gives including some dietary supplements by the checkout registers.

Trading Card – Candelabra

Verify the comfort store the put the principle infected is killed from a tripwire, and sooner than tripwire that separates you from a batch of Runners. Within the back, under the society of champions poster (marketing the trading playing cards), you’ll procure your next card.

Artifact – Tower Doodles

After first encountering the tripwire, which will get precipitated by a Runner, switch ahead and snatch the hole on the right, labeled as restricted net admission to (armed forces personnel handiest). Take the ladder to take a look at out the lookout put up for a drawing made by a bored WLF member. Guarantee to consume up scraps and diversified objects whilst you’re up there.

Artifact – Raul’s Yarn

After you enter the broken put of abode of land leading previous a river, switch up the route except you put of abode a mural that depicts “Feel her admire” and then turn around to peep a truck with its back inaugurate – and internal you’ll procure gives and a voice.

Artifact – Frank’s Refusal

After shifting previous the remains of a horse and into a narrow avenue pudgy of tripwires, you furthermore mght can procure a Martial Arts Dojo for your exact, and a thrift store across the avenue with wires in every single put. Enter the Dojo, and snatch the hallway to the left of the trophy case, and you’ll ogle a cork board with an artifact on it.

Workbench Inform – Health membership

Within the back of the decrepit building with the Martial Arts Dojo (in the direct covered in tripwire), you furthermore mght can procure a room with a workbench.

Trading Card – Blizzarebra

Rigorously inferior the avenue pudgy of tripwires and enter the thrift store and stroll ahead barely. For your left you’ll ogle bookshelves. On the children’s bookshelf (back left by the white lamp), you’ll procure one more trading card.

Artifact – Thrift Retailer Reminder

While aloof in the thrift store, battle by approach to the door ahead. You’ll be in a room of vending machines. Flip to the right and you’ll ogle an artifact pinned to the corkboard. It gives you a partial code for the safe.

Stable – Thrift Retailer

The safe is positioned in the backroom of the thrift store. Segment of the code is written in the Artifact – Thrift Retailer Reminder collectible. To net your total code learn the graffiti on the left of the john sink (room closest to the vending machine). The Stable Combination is 55-01-33.

Procuring for added Collectibles in The Closing of Us Segment Two? Secure phenomenal extra artifacts and trading playing cards in Chapter 2’s The Gate, Downtown, Eastbrook Elementary, Channel 13, The Tunnels, The Theater, and The Birthday Reward. Guarantee to also take a look at out our total The Closing of Us 2 Collectible Hub to search out every secret in every chapter and put.

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