The larger mysteries attributable to FIA’s Crimson Bull F1 rejection

The larger mysteries attributable to FIA’s Crimson Bull F1 rejection

Finally, with Hamilton having already been sanctioned for the accident based entirely entirely on video and telemetry information, there used to be tiny chance of Crimson Bull having the ability to contaminated the brink of providing some new ‘valuable’ and ‘linked’ evidence to the FIA.

As Ferrari stumbled on out to its fee in 2019, when it proposed the usage of a Karun Chandhok Sky TV portion to study out to persuade the stewards to reopen the investigation over Sebastian Vettel’s Canadian GP penalty, the FIA takes no prisoners in relation to its standards being fulfilled.

For alternatively worthy teams feel that their new substances would per chance per chance be, the FIA is terribly strict about what it demands in relation to getting the stewards back together again.

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In this case, the slides that Crimson Bull produced of the accident, of Hamilton’s overtaking of Charles Leclerc as a comparison and a re-enactment of Hamilton’s utilizing line by Alex Albon weren’t sufficient to define a new trace on the case.

Nonetheless while the outcome isn’t very any longer a shock to many, the FIA observation surrounding the evidence and Crimson Bull’s actions has brought on some new intrigue that has but to be defined.

Alexander Albon, Red Bull Racing RB15

Alexander Albon, Crimson Bull Racing RB15

Declare by: Crimson Bull Narrate material Pool

The filming day

One in every of the foremost aspects that emerged from the stewards’ ruling used to be the frenzy by Crimson Bull to “form” evidence to back its claim, moderately than discovering evidence.

Whereas Crimson Bull did demonstrate “simulations of the incident”, the crew went worthy extra: it actually recreated the line that Hamilton took into Copse at Silverstone with one of its autos to portray a level.

The stewards said that Crimson Bull presented slides “which confirmed a ‘re-enactment of Hamilton’s Lap 1 line at Silverstone on 22 July 2021..’ based entirely entirely on a lap allegedly driven by another driver (Alexander Albon).”

Albon used to be in action final week for Crimson Bull within the 2021-spec RB16B automobile, taking portion within the Pirelli tyre test. Nonetheless all of his operating in that used to be finished on the Tuesday after the British Enormous Prix – which used to be 20 July.

Additional Pirelli operating came about on 21 July, nonetheless 22 July saw Crimson Bull protect a filming day on the song the usage of its 2019-spec Crimson Bull RB15.

Video footage of the test that day later emerged.

As the RB15 is bigger than two years ragged, Crimson Bull is able full as worthy non-public operating as it needs.

Plus, placing reserve and test driver Albon within the cockpit to protect match though-provoking no longer often looked admire the rest of recount.

Nonetheless the stewards’ observation published that this filming day used to be no longer lower than in portion ancient to study out and receive Albon to recreate Hamilton’s line into Copse, most per chance to listing that he used to be by no advance going to carry out the nook and used to be carrying far too worthy walk.

To transfer as far as the usage of portion of a filming day to study out and re-make Hamilton’s line reveals the lengths – and price – Crimson Bull used to be willing to gallop to in a recount to fight its case. Nonetheless used to be your complete filming day pulled together simply to enhance the evidence file?

Nonetheless regardless of how real looking Albon’s recreation used to be, Crimson Bull used to be by no advance going to procure “valuable and linked evidence” by going back heading within the correct path and attempting to recreate the incident.

As the stewards pointed out, this can’t be deemed a discovery, as is required for the correct of evaluate route of to transfer extra forward.

The stewards themselves said evidence used to be “no longer ‘stumbled on’ nonetheless created for the capabilities of submissions to back the Petition for Review.”

There would per chance be a part of irony that it used to be Albon who finished the re-enactment, given he has twice been occupied with collisions with Hamilton (Brazil 2019, Austria 2020).

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB16B is loaded onto a truck after his crash

Max Verstappen, Crimson Bull Racing RB16B is loaded onto a truck after his atomize

Declare by: Sutton Photographs

The thriller allegations

Maybe a vivid bigger thriller is the advise reference that the FIA made to just a few ‘allegations’ that Crimson Bull recommend in a letter to the governing physique.

On July 23, when the crew lodged its search information from for the FIA to evaluate the British GP incident, it appears to be like that Crimson Bull integrated some strongly worded claims in a covering letter that supported its hoped-for new evidence.

The FIA observation from the Hungaroring said: “The Stewards recount, with some downside, determined allegations made within the Competitor’s above letter.

“Such allegations would per chance per chance presumably or would per chance per chance presumably no longer were linked to the Stewards if the Petition for Review had been granted.

“The Stewards would per chance per chance presumably relish addressed these allegations straight in any decision that would per chance per chance relish followed. The Petition having been disregarded, the Stewards accomplish no feedback on these allegations.”

It is no longer identified what these allegations made by Crimson Bull are, nonetheless it absolutely is apparent that the crew went on the assault.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W12 and Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB16B

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W12 and Max Verstappen, Crimson Bull Racing RB16B

Declare by: Sutton Photographs

In the Mercedes observation issued on Thursday it made reference to Crimson Bull having attempted to ‘tarnish’ Hamilton’s ‘valid title and carrying integrity’ in these documents.

Nonetheless while it is believed that Crimson Bull’s madden over Hamilton’s utilizing used to be a part of the letter, it is extra seemingly that the FIA stewards would handiest accomplish this kind of comment had been its criticisms straight aimed toward the governing physique or its officers.

Crimson Bull had been obvious that it felt Hamilton’s actions must relish warranted a more durable sanction, which potential that it felt the stewards had been too ancient of their going thru of the matter.

The crew also disagreed with the FIA’s decision that Hamilton had been ‘predominantly’ guilty for the accident moderately than wholly.

Thursday’s FIA ruling ought to no longer lower than indicate that the controversy over the British GP incident can transfer away from being F1’s well-known level of interest correct now and a spotlight swap back to action on the song in Hungary.

Nonetheless judging by the latest statements from both teams, right here’s nearly absolutely no longer going to be the final fight of their F1 2021 battle.

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