Weirdly Excessive ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Trailer Divides Fans: ‘I Belief Ghostbusters Modified into a Comedy’

Weirdly Excessive ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Trailer Divides Fans: ‘I Belief Ghostbusters Modified into a Comedy’

“The tone of this movie’s advertising is nostalgic for a ‘Ghostbusters’ movie that doesn’t exist,” one commenter writes

new ghostbusters afterlife trailer forgot the jokes

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There’s something unprecedented within the neighborhood — particularly, whenever you happen to ask many followers of the 80s comedy classic “Ghostbusters,” the inability of humor within the fresh “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” trailer. Some are ripping the reboot’s reasonably serious tone as “bizarre” while others are questioning why a movie wherein “that’s a mountainous twinkie” is uttered is held in such high regard within the main discipline. 

“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” got right here motivate to grasp-out us Tuesday, losing a fresh trailer that contains extra perception into the movie’s pickle, hints at some of its nostalgic cameos and an without notice reverent attitude toward its silly, sarcastic source topic material. On memoir of, as previously talked about, the typical “Ghostbusters” is mainly perceived as a comedy — however the trailers for “Afterlife” favor to this level made this sequel seem extra relish a drama.

The film used to be directed by Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the typical 1984 flick starring Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis. While the choice to retain the franchise within the family could also had been Sony’s approach to appeasing the fanbase, essentially the most new sneak survey appears to be like to be to be doing the leisure but. 

The trailer has YouTube film critics Patrick Willems and Jay Bauman questioning whether or now not we’re speaking in regards to the identical “Ghostbusters” right here. However they weren’t alone.

Presumably I’m misremembering but I believed ghostbusters used to be a comedy

— Patrick Willems (@patrickhwillems) July 27, 2021

The fresh Ghostbusters would now not peer baaaaad or the leisure, on the opposite hand or now not it is so weird that their advertising angle is to play up your nostalgia for some form of alternate, Spielbergian model of the typical movie that by no method existed. Also Walmart Doritos Hershey Sony PS5

— Jay Bauman (@JayBauman1) July 27, 2021

the thing i cherished about ghostbusters is the sense of family, loss, and believing in yourself. coming to grips with the past and experiencing itsy-bitsy town the us. all of these items are within the typical ghostbusters.

— Sloppy Steaks Enjoyer (@VALIS____) July 27, 2021

the elegiac reverence for “ghostbusters” within the trailer is so droll soon we are going to grasp relish a loving golden hour dull pan over a twinkie dog from uhf, the kids of the weird science guys taking a notice at the broken-down bras in level-headed dread, dull piano model of the weekend at bernie’s theme

— D🌑CFUTURE (@topherflorence) July 27, 2021

The thought that within the motivate of Ghostbusters used to be the design in which it used to be as soon as new/unexpected to grasp difficult-alecky comedians in a mountainous-budget special effects movie.

It is become this form of norm to blockbuster filmmaking, and I am undecided “what if Ghosbusters, but with Spielbergian nostalgia” is enough.

— Alan Zilberman (@alanzilberman) July 27, 2021

Finally, a lethal serious grab on Ghostbusters, the franchise the set up all people hates the jokes.

— Alex Zalben (@azalben) July 27, 2021

I am contented the fresh Ghostbusters trailer is showing that this fresh movie is going to grasp what all people cherished in regards to the typical: that it used to be very serious, had no jokes, and used to be extremely reverent in direction of the root of busting ghosts.

— Dr. Exposition (@DrExposition) July 27, 2021

Now, this fresh peer at “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” did unfold its elegant fragment of spooky cheer. It also drudged up the discuss raised by the 2016 reboot as as to whether or now not the typical film deserves such sacred method and therefore, why it is also impervious to inventive modifications. 

This appears to be like fun. And it’s good for this movie that an military of misogynist dipshits received’t devote their lives to annihilating it sooner than it even hits theaters 🙃 Ghostbusters 2016 used to be fun

— Jordan Crucchiola (@JorCru) July 27, 2021

The fresh Ghostbusters trailer is doing nostalgia the moral method, IMHO: telling its comprise chronicle, with its comprise characters, at the same time as acknowledging the past in a reasonably self-indulgent method, and without counting on too noteworthy fan provider.

Very noteworthy taking a notice forward to the closing product!

— Sam (@Spainkiller) July 27, 2021

One venture with the American film enterprise at this 2d in time is that the pickle of the typical “Ghostbusters” is being treated relish a sacred textual shriek material.

— Jesse Hawken (@jessehawken) July 27, 2021

I’d now not ever label why some people take care of Ghostbusters relish a faith. It’s so miniature, so slapped-collectively. That’s the source of any attraction that it has.

— MZS (@mattzollerseitz) July 27, 2021

I am truly unprecedented as to how Ghostbusters grew to become now not easiest this elevated extra or less untouchable nostalgic gold however the design in which it used to be the reboot to this of all movies that incited such involved bigotry and a stout-on organized disfavor campaign.

— Kayleigh Donaldson (@Ceilidhann) July 27, 2021

Does the typical film’s “slapped collectively attraction” interpret taking it in a obvious direction or is it grounds for declaring said attraction as is? Will Paul Rudd elevate the humor all people is lacking? Will a precise Bill Murray cameo no doubt materialize? Or did he merely file his trailer line from Wes Anderson’s basement?

With any luck these questions and additional shall be answered when “Ghosbusters: Afterlife” hits theaters on Nov. 11.

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