We’re the Starlink team, quiz us anything

We’re the Starlink team, quiz us anything

Hiya there!

Few questions, ought to be rather easy.

  1. How prolonged turned into this in style before the foremost “announcement” on Twitter and birth of the foremost (60?) satellites?

  2. Attain you uncover in regards to the final criticism of light pollution for astronomers an dependable field, or conclude you watched you’re factual giving them more things to see at 🤣.

  3. Security… one in all the larger concerns of any particular person and successfully safety researchers. Is the Starlink team going to rent corporations to pentest or will that be completed in residence?

  4. This relates to Starlink protection. For instance, on the South Pole.. there’s puny, ~20 minute windows of High Flee internet, as soon as or twice per day. Would Starlink be ready to constantly present, high flee, constant internet?

4.1. I dwell in NYC. A space that from what I realize, Starlink isn’t intended for? Since, why not set a Starlink dish on roof tops of our high-rises and get per chance better internet?

5. And final but not least, would you ready to mount this to your Tesla and force with Starlink internet?

I hope my questions aren’t chanced on slow (lol).. And thanks for looking to procure the realm an even bigger space; Starlink Staff, you rock.

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