WeWork Cofounder Miguel McKelvey: Blind Spots in Leadership

WeWork Cofounder Miguel McKelvey: Blind Spots in Leadership

November 11, 2020

WeWork grew from a scrappy co-working startup to a tech darling with extra than 800 areas around the field, earlier than their successfully-documented undoing in tiresome 2019. Cofounder Miguel McKelvey helped plan the principle WeWork in Contemporary York City along with his bare hands, and later became the firm’s Chief Custom Officer.

McKelvey left WeWork in June 2020, a pair of months earlier than taping this episode. When he looks to be like abet on his decade-prolonged tenure there, he acknowledges that the blind spots he had, as a white male executive, affected WeWork’s diversity and inclusion ideal from the muse.

He joins host Porter Braswell to discuss in regards to the utilize of his location as a industry chief to discuss up in attend of Shadowy Lives Topic, why so many commence-united states of americastruggle with diversity and inclusion, and what senior leaders can be taught from what went despicable with WeWork’s custom.

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