Why kombucha is one to ascertain in the low/no alcohol market

Why kombucha is one to ascertain in the low/no alcohol market

A dramatic enlarge in put a query to for alcohol that that you just might want to be name to mind choices has resulted in like a flash increase in the low/no alcohol sector, and statistics expose the market grew by a staggering £78,000,000 from 2017 to 2019. Consumers are picking their drinks extra wisely and, neutral not too lengthy ago, we have viewed a shift in direction of alternate options like kombucha, offering drinkers extra complexity and benefits than your real looking alcohol-free replacement.

Kombucha has a irregular, sophisticated style and is accessible in a diversity of flavours, making it a colossal beverage replacement for those wanting one thing refreshing and participating to drink with out the headache the morning after. 


Kombucha’s spacious array of diversified flavours formulation there might be a diversity to make a decision over every consumer. From the crisp style of unflavoured kombucha, which has notes of apple and lemon, to kombucha flavoured with strawberry, ginger, elderflower and even hops, the probabilities are never-ending.

The underlying flavour of the lovely drink is tart, with a splash of sweetness and a mild-weight fizziness, and this presents it a an analogous style to many alcoholic drinks, equivalent to cider and wine. The fermentation strategy of kombucha lends it a complexity which formulation drinkers can smooth revel in that tang, with out the alcohol.


Kombucha is incredibly versatile and is being increasingly ragged in bar settings as an alternative to outmoded mixers and cocktail bases.

Unlike alcohol, kombucha is socially acceptable to drink at any time of day. Some choose to drink it in the morning on an empty abdominal, as it presents a healthy enhance of probiotics and antioxidants to originate the day on a high. Others reach for a frigid glass when they hit a day rush, as its mild carbonation with a splash of sugar can present a magnificent-wished vitality enhance.

Due to the this truth, kombucha sales aren’t handiest puny to bars and pubs. The product can even be bought in the chilled drink fragment at supermarkets, comfort stores and espresso retail outlets to present an replacement to espresso or high sugar vitality drinks.

Kombucha will more than possible be a colossal contrivance to promote to patrons as a meal accompaniment as it’s a ways well-known to motivate digestion, and due to its carbonation it need to also enable you are feeling fuller – a priceless tactic when attempting to topple just a few kilos. This irregular promoting level sets it other than its alcohol counterparts, like beer, wine and cider, which is able to be extraordinarily calorific in comparability.

The well being benefits

All over its fermentation process, Kombucha becomes mighty in natural acids equivalent to acetic acid, gluconic acid and glucuronic acid. These acids are colossal for the physique’s detoxification process, as they beef up liver characteristic, which formulation it’s a ways going to work to its optimal level to perceive away air pollution and chemical substances from the physique[1]​. Gluconic acid also supports the growth of bifidobacterica[2]​ in the gut, which aids digestion and gut well being. The fermentation process also makes Kombucha rich in antioxidants, supporting the immune system, lowering irritation and conserving cells from oxidative stress.

The fermentation process also makes Kombucha naturally low in sugar, because the symbiotic culture of micro organism and yeast (SCOBY) that is ragged at some stage in the brewing process consumes the sugar and transforms it into the healthy natural acids outlined above.

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Emma Thackray

Kombucha’s fame has soared over the previous few years as many patrons switch their alcoholic drinks for a refreshing glass of ‘Booch’ and, because the sector becomes powerful extra well being centered, we can indubitably stare a extra enlarge in Kombucha sales.

Kombucha is factual one among an array of thrilling alcohol that that you just might want to be name to mind choices so, whereas alcohol will most absolutely score its huge portion of the drinks market, the tide in direction of diversified alternate options that aren’t factual your current orange juice or lemonade, has certainly grew to turn out to be.



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